The Castell Project debuts inaugural women speakers in WSH List

Castell Project, Inc.

The Castell Project debuts inaugural women speakers in WSH List

The Castell Project debuts inaugural women speakers in WSH List

Nonprofit group aims to place more female speakers at industry events

Officials of Castell Project, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the careers of women professionals in the hospitality industry, today announced its inaugural “WSH List,” a growing list of female hoteliers and hospitality real estate executives with the knowledge and experience to offer unique perspectives on today’s changing marketplaces.  Referrals from the list are available to all conference organizers seeking to add diversity to their lineups of highly qualified and sought-after presenters.

“Conference organizers and sponsors have found it difficult to reach outside of their traditional networks to identify diverse speakers. The WSH list is a resource to broaden speaking opportunities for women and create more diverse and interesting programs,” said Peggy Berg, Castell president.

“As we researched the speaking opportunities awarded to women, we found that top events, including ALIS, NYU, the Lodging Conference and the Hunter Hotel Conference, have been working to open the podium to female leaders and experts,” Berg added.  “However, women still are severely underrepresented. Less than one in six speakers at hotel investment conferences are women, even though women comprise 21 percent of attendees, 52 percent of industry employees and 67 percent of the industry’s talent pipeline.”

The podium is critical to showing prospective employees that the industry offers a future for women. Opportunities to speak lead to recognition and opportunity for our rising female executives. Castell Project challenges program organizers and sponsors to become more gender inclusive.  The Castell Project is focused on providing industry leaders, as well as on-the-ground associates, with points of view that might not otherwise be considered.

The WSH list was distilled from lists of executives in the industry. Women who wish to be added to the list may submit their name, contact information and speaking experience/background to

For additional information, please visit

About The Castell Project

Castell Project, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of women to the highest levels within the hospitality industry.  With support from industry partners, Castell delivers impactful leadership development for talented, high potential women, including a workshop with professional trainers specialized in developing women executives, ongoing training and networking opportunities and performance metrics tracked by Georgia State University, an academic partner to Castell Project.  Castell Project also delivers innovative research on diversity in the hospitality industry.

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