Serene and Stunning: Japan with roomsXML

Serene and Stunning: Japan with roomsXML

When we think of Japan, we think of quality electronics and cherry blossoms ! But this nation of islands in East Asia, has more depth and longevity than that.

Japanese culture goes back millennia, but is a fascinating mix of conservatism, and progression; of old and new; of east versus west. Its not unusual to see hundred year old wooden shacks, butted up against 30 story skyscrapers. Japan values its tradition, but embraces progressive ideals.

Travellers could spend months and months exploring the multi faceted life and culture of the Japanese. But assuming there is only time for a few weeks, heres some suggestions:

If your clients were to jump on a plane right now, they might just catch the last whiff of the cherry blossom; probably not, but its worth a shot ! Across Japan, some of the most famous cherry blossom festivals are at Matsumae Park (Hokkaido), Hirosaki (Tohoku), Ka-jo Castle Park, Yamagata, and at Kakunodate.

During summer, Tokyo is a delight. Some of the more unusual things to see is the Summer purification rites, occurring in various shrines across Kanagawa in late June. Fireworks festivals are almost at plague proportion, a feast for the eyes, especially for the young or young at heart.

During Autumn, colourful foliage falls from the tees, and for the Japanese, this activity is a national pastime. If the traveller cant get there in time for cherry blossoms, Autumn is just as good.

Winter; more than just skiing which is of a phenomenal quality and value. Sunny days, and perfect conditions ensure travellers from all over the world will make the trek.

With 2978 properties in Japan, roomsXML has the traveller covered.

Tokyo: Dont miss the Imperial Palace, temples of Asakusa, and the Meij Shrine. Tr to time any visit with the narrow window of cherry blossoms.

roomsXML has 508 Properties in Tokyo

Kyoto: Probably the most attractive city in Japan, but also suffers from massive urban sprawl. Multiple world heritage sites, Imperial Palaces, and do not forget to visit one of the world famous bath houses.

roomsXML has 230 Properties in Kyoto

Osaka: A massive city with plenty of attractions. Visit the cultural centre in Minami, Osaka Castle, Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum, Shitennōji Temple, and takein a show at the National Bunraku Theater; one of the last remaining.

roomsXML has 187 Properties in Osaka


roomsXML has over 96,000 properties worldwide. If you are unsure about which property to book, always check for the ‘Preferred’ logo next to the hotel; that means its been recommended by other Travel Agents. Thanks for Wikitravel for the tips.

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