Navigator of the Seas Day 2: A day at sea before Labadee


My favourite thing about cruising are the days spent at sea. You can choose to be a joiner like me or do as little as you like.

Each night before going to bed, I study the newsletter (in this case the Cruise Compass) and highlight what I’ll be doing the next day. It may be a little obsessive compulsive but there are just so many things to do, I don’t want to miss out!

Luckily, my travelling companion, Sherri, is as fastidious as I am about this and it’s given us the opportunity to know where to find one another if we veer off and do our own thing.

The Cruise Compass, or as I like to call it, my bible, is very nifty onboard Navigator of the Seas with a summary of everything on offer along with restaurant opening hours on the back page.

This is perforated to make life easier and has been designed to tear off and place in your pocket or bag without the bulk of folding the entire document. Such a fabulous idea for someone who wants to do numerous activities but rarely carries a bag onboard!

I set up my ‘office’ poolside to experience the numerous activities arranged by cruise staff and excitedly watched the race between Jewel of the Seas (heading to Aruba) and Navigator as Captain Patrik Dahlgren updated passengers along the way.

Seeing a ship so close by in open water is something I’ve never experienced before!

From the Men’s International Belly Flop competition to the Miss Biceps competition, all bases were covered for a hilarious afternoon and the winners of each wore their medals with honour for the rest of the evening!

With wi-fi only available in some areas of the ship, I headed to the Sports Deck on Level 14. Miniature Golf and an Inline Skating area feature here along with the trademark Royal Caribbean Rock Climbing Wall and with the weather so picture perfect, passengers were lining up to take part in the activities available.

A sport that is quite unusual for this Sydneysider is Dodgeball. The competition was fierce on the sports deck and teams were lining up to compete in a sport that I quite frankly just don’t really understand!

Men and women aiming a ball at their opponents to weed out the weakest and slowest is not something that I would ever take part in, but it did make for some amusing viewing!

All rowdiness was put aside and formal night ensured that the ship came alive with a touch of elegance.

Women in gowns and men donning suits had professional photos taken with the Captain during the Welcome Aboard Reception whilst some chose to become models for an evening with formal photo stations set up around the ship.

Held on the Royal Promenade, passengers indulged in complimentary champagne before heading to one of the many bars for a night of dancing…or checking out one of several shows on board.

Sherri and I were keen for a laugh so we headed to the Metropolis Theatre on Deck 3, which was conveniently located right near our cabin, to be transported to a world of humour by comedian extraordinaire Steve Caouette.

I’m almost certain that laughter burns calories so I’ll officially thank Steve here for burning off most of my indulgent dinner!

With a varied and extensive biography, Steve interacts with the audience to create a show that is unique every time.

Having worked with comedic greats like David Letterman, he was a refreshing change to the other comedians I’ve seen onboard cruise liners…and was much younger too!

That’s the thing about Royal Caribbean, they veer away from the norm and not only boast the youngest ever Captain of a ship but also feature young performers and staff from around the world.

On a mission to burn more calories, I headed straight back to The Dungeon after my very good job of trialling mostly everything on the extensive menu at The Nutcracker Dining Room.

Note to self…just because you can order everything on the menu, doesn’t mean you actually should!

One thing that was clear was that the only way I would be able to look decent in a bikini before Labadee was to hit the dance floor and ‘Cha Cha Slide’ that escargot away!




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