Cruise passenger dies after icy drop

A 73 year-old cruise passenger has died after she was dropped into the freezing Artic waters during a rescue transfer onto a lifeboat.

Janet Richardson was holidaying with her husband, George Richardson earlier this month when she fell ill to the point where she needed to be taken ashore for medical treatment, Mail Online reported.

During the transfer where the cruise ship and life boat were moving alongside each other, Ms Richardson’s stretcher fell into the water when the two ships moved apart.

"When they tried to move her on to the lifeboat the ship was still moving," Mr Richardson told the source.

It took up to four minutes for the team to pull her out of sub-zero waters after which she needed to be resuscitated as she was rushed to the Cumberland Hospital in Carlisle where she died later that day.
Mr Richardson added that the cruise ship had originally planned to use air transport for the transfer but altered their decision and used the boast instead.

"The authorities over there have said health and safety is tantamount but if they had wanted to be totally safe they could have gone into port, which would have made things safer,” he added.

“They could have held the lifeboat to the ship with a rope or something.”

Cruise operators, Cruise and Maritime Voyages spokesperson told the source that although they do not own the ship they have been advised that the ship’s owners and the Norwegian rescue authorities are performing full investigations into the incident.

“We take the safety and comfort of our passengers very seriously, and although the actual logistics of the rescue was in the hands of the Norwegian rescue team, we will assist the investigation fully.”

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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