STUBA’s World Cup Comp: Winners Announced

STUBA’s World Cup Comp: Winners Announced

We hope you all enjoyed a month of great football action resulting in late nights, or early mornings, depending on which way you spin it !

Few could have predicted Germany to go out in first round and even more so, Croatia to play the finals.

Many thanks to everyone across the globe who participated in the most popular competitions to date. We had a huge number of entries, and with 32 prizes on offer we are proud to announce the following winners:

Name Company Country Prize
Joanne Gallen The Terrace Travel Ltd New Zealand Apple iPhone X
Mark Bascand BCD Travel NZ New Zealand Samsung Gear
Andrew Allen Travel Connections Australia Amazon Echo
Paul Brydges The Terrace Travel Ltd New Zealand Amazon Echo
Sonja Dalley The Terrace Travel Ltd New Zealand Amazon Echo
Tracey Moore Croydon Cruise & Travel Australia Amazon Echo
Carmen Patterson API Travel Pty Ltd Australia Amazon Echo
Siobhan Whyte Travel Plus Australia Pty Ltd Australia Amazon Echo
Damian Merola Merola’s Travel Service Australia Amazon Echo


Competition winners have been contacted by Stuba to arrange delivery of their prizes !

For those interested, the winners were decided using the following method:

  • 3 points for guessing the right winning team (France), 2 points for guessing each correct finalist (France, Croatia) and 1 point for guessing each correct semi-finalist (France, Croatia, Belgium, England). So there were total 11 points to play for.
  • In case of points tie, the individual being closest in answering the tie breaker question of number of goals scored in the finals got better spot.
  • In case that was not enough to break the tie, the individual sending the entry earlier got better spot.



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