Unearth your next holiday in the Southern Great Barrier Reef

Unearth your next holiday in the Southern Great Barrier Reef

Unearth your next holiday in the Southern Great Barrier Reef

Unearth your next holiday in the Southern Great Barrier Reef

Take a geological journey through pre-history along the Tropic of Capricorn. “Dig the Tropic” is a Geo-Tourism Trail linking the wonders of the Southern Great Barrier Reef with the mysteries of Queensland’s Outback.

This driving trail enables visitors to discover dinosaurs, view remnants of an inland sea, explore ancient lands, and fossick for gems.  It is the only known trail of its kind in the world, so it is a self-drive holiday like no other.

Following the Tropic of Capricorn, visitors can experience a living museum created by ancient events left behind visiting sites as varied as gem fields, caves and the Great Barrier Reef.

Dig the Tropic is a trail ideal for fossickers, camping enthusiasts, birdwatchers, bush walkers, photographers and all fans of the fascinating history of Australia.

For more information about the trail, visit:  www.capricornholidays.com.au/digthetropic

Unearth Treasures

Get your hands dirty and truly experience the geological wonders along the Tropic of Capricorn.

Fossick for your own Sapphires at the largest sapphire Gemfields in the southern hemisphere (located 45 minutes west of Emerald, Queensland).  Take a guided tour of a walk-in underground mine or fossick with a bucket of sapphire “wash”.

Visit a once rumbling volcano, Mt Hay (just outside of Rockhampton, Queensland) is now a great place to make a real discovery of your very own Thundereggs.  You might catch Gold fever in Mount Morgan as you follow the trail.

Explore Ancient Caves

Discover a new meaning to the land down under.  Allow experts to guide you through the labyrinth of historical changes, weaving and winding your way through a surreal geo environment with such experiences as:

Underground tour at Rubyvale – Discover precious gems
Capricorn Caves – Cave exploration
Mt Etna National Park – Caves and bats
Discover Prehistoric Plants

The Dig the Tropic trail sweeps through a host of geological wonders.  Located about 70 km north of Rockhampton and 40 km from Yeppoon is the spectacular Byfield National Park. Plants found nowhere else, such as the Byfield fern and Byfield grevillea.  Visit Nob Creek Pottery where you can purchase local unique handcrafted pieces, they even have the ancient Byfield fern featured on some of their pieces.

Dive into the Past

Before the existence of Australia as we now know it, there existed another world.  Gondwanaland was home to creatures we could hardly imagine.  This includes some pretty impressive aquatic dinosaurs.  If you believe this darling little girl, she thinks her dad caught a Platypterigius dinosaur off Great Keppel Island:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_mCnag1D5E

Dig the Tropic trail (create link: www.capricornholidays.com.au/digthetropic ) is a fantastic self-drive trail that enables visitors from outback to the reef to experience a living museum.

Source = Capricorn Coast Southern Great Barrier Reef
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