Stuba Boosts Mediterranean Product

Stuba Boosts Mediterranean Product




In a bid to increase their foothold in the Mediterranean, Stuba have announced new partnerships with two major suppliers. Stuba had already signed up four new suppliers in the region in 2018, and this continued focus further strengthens their position in the Mediterranean. 

Anuj Bang, Product Development Director, commented “On the basis of feedback, as well as analysing searches from agents around the globe, we realised that we still needed to bolster our product in this area.  We are delighted to have partnered with two very well known and recognised suppliers in the region, which will enable us to be even more competitive, and offer agents an increased portfolio.”

Mark Luckey, Stuba Pacific MD says “We continuously improve our product based on what Australian and New Zealand agents tell us they need, and back it up with the statistics. Our superior technology means they don’t need to be data miners, but simply log in, search and build dreams for their customers knowing they are backed by 24 / 7 service and support.”

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