Sleeping Your Way Around Thailand: Petchvarin Resort

Wat Nai Klang Buddhas
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Pechvarin Resort villa exterior
Pechvarin Resort exterior

Thai Style On A Budget

Located in the town of Phetchaburi about a two-hour drive southwest from Bangkok, Petchvarin Resort is an appealing budget option for travellers wanting a bit of traditional Thai-style atmosphere in tranquil surroundings on the bank of a peaceful river. Individual cottages and attached accommodation, all at ground level, have well-tended gardens out every window. Interiors are unfussy; though not luxurious, the rooms are comfortable and pleasant. with plenty of hot water and air conditioning.

Petchvarin Resort’s open-air restaurant offers both Western and Thai menus, and, this being Thailand, the Thai food is delicious and abundant. The swimming pool is a popular place to refresh after a day out; there is a spa for massages and treatments to bring further rejuvenation.

This part of Thailand leaves the flat river plain of Bangkok behind in favour of a rising topography of undulating low-rise mountains covered in jungle greenery. From the impressive white-palm tree in the resort’s forecourt to the waterfall and landscaping, the setting is one with an emphasis on Nature.

Phetchaburi Province is an area of Thailand where community-based tourism is being promoted to generate revenue that goes directly to the locals. One of the most interesting things to see in this part of the country is the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, a non-government organisation created by a Dutch animal lover whose project to protect unwanted and abused animals has grown from a small menagerie to more than 450 animals. Most are primates acquired as cute pets when young and abandoned when no longer small and easily managed, but residents also include a crocodile, a tiger, bears, and several elephants. The organisation operates on land made available from the local temple, providing a sanctuary for the animals on non-government land.

Wildlife Friends Foundation is the largest organisation of its type in Southeast Asia, yet it sees very few visitors despite the welcome offered to them. Though not a zoo, but rather a place for abused and unwanted animals to live in peace, Wildlife Friends Foundation opens its grounds to the general public at no charge so that children and all others can see first hand the benefit of respect for animals as well as the consequences of its absence. The Foundation is located about a twenty-minute drive from Petchvarin Resort, which will host the Wild Animal Rescue Network annual conference in 2013.

Also in the vicinity is the impressive Wat Nai Klang, a beautiful, Thai-style structure relocated here by order of King Taksin The Great. With its elaborate panels, the ceiling alone is worth a visit.

Petchvarin Resort
248 M.11 Kladluang
Petchburi 76130
tel: 66 8 1763 4862

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