The Best Of Greenland With Iceland Pro Cruises

The Best Of Greenland With Iceland Pro Cruises

The Best Of Greenland With Iceland Pro Cruises

Ice See You: The Best Of Greenland With Iceland Pro Cruises

One of the world’s most pristine destinations, Greenland attracts interest from adventurous travellers looking to experience a place where billboards, highways, crowds, and pollution are tales of the cities somewhere else. A huge landmass covered almost completely by a huge icemass, the world’s largest island non-continent is one of the most ethereally beautiful places on the planet. As travellers are discovering in this age of Instagram, that beauty has immense appeal.

Greenland is certainly unlike any other destination in the world. A country geographically part of North America but administered as part of the Kingdom Of Denmark, the island’s jagged rock formations, formed by the amazing glaciers that still define the landscape, are reminiscent of the sharp valleys of its fellow glacier-carved country―though while Switzerland may be at the centre of Europe, with a population of millions, Greenland is far away, with a population of thousands. Much like their Danish overlords, the local Inuit people, discreet and humble, camouflage their wonderful sense of humour under a veneer of seriousness that quickly falls away in the right company.

Dismiss any notions that ‘there is nothing to do’ in Greenland. Naturelovers will be bewitched by the colossal glaciers, some of them tinted blue by minerals compressed within them over 100,000 years; culture mavens will be pleased by Inuit legends, handiwork, and artistry. Several museums in different locations showcase both local artworks and those of Danish artists who chose to come to Greenland to escape the oppression of city life in Europe. Any passenger on board the Ocean Diamond, a cruise ship that visits Greenland each northern summer, will be busy deciding which of the many tempting options to choose. A highlight of the trip will certainly be a helicopter flight over the majestic Eqaluit Glacier, near the small town of Narsarsuaq, where a surprisingly large museum showcases Inuit displays in addition to the history of the American airbase that was formerly located here. As if seeing the landscape of the fjords and rocky mountains were not enough at ground level, the sight of Eqaluit Glacier from a helicopter is certain to be a memory of a lifetime. In good weather, the helicopter lands on a bluff next to the glacier so that the lucky visitor can appreciate the panorama in all its glory.

On land, a stroll through Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, will reveal a busy little village populated by helpful people curious about the visitors who venture to this part of the world. The charming old buildings in the village of Sisimiut and the interesting displays in Ilulissat’s art museum are examples of impressive, manmade complements to the natural attractions that are the stars of the Greenland show. One of the most beautiful is Prins Christian Sound, traversed by Ocean Diamond on its voyages between Greenland and Iceland. Iceland Pro Cruises is one of the few companies to take passengers north of the Arctic Circle to the settlement of Uummannaq, a small collection of houses sited on the side of a miniature Matterhorn jutting into the sky. As are several other settlements in Greenland, Uummannaq is accessible only by water.

In a place where vast distances and formidable obstacles preclude construction of a viable highway network, and where the Inuit culture has been based on access to the sea, it comes as no surprise that Greenland’s population uses the coastal waters as its transport network. Here, too, are the incredibly scenic ice fjord of Ilulissat as well as the countless icebergs that float by in the course of a day on board Ocean Diamond.

For more information about Iceland Pro Cruises and its Natural Wonders Of Greenland cruise aboard Ocean Diamond, visit the Iceland Pro Cruises website and read all about the various excursions available to passengers making the trek to the top of the world. The Greenland itinerary can be paired with another special experience offered by the company, that being a circumnavigation of Iceland, to extend the adventure to another beautiful destination in the far northern reaches of the world.


The Best Of Greenland With Iceland Pro Cruises2
The Best Of Greenland With Iceland Pro Cruises4
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