Immerse yourself in Japan’s Cherry Blossom Season

Immerse yourself in Japan’s Cherry Blossom Season

Immerse yourself in Japan’s Cherry Blossom Season

Immerse yourself in Japan’s Cherry Blossom Season

Based on Airbnb’s data, Japan is amongst the top destinations for Thais. In 2018, more than 1 million Thais visited the land of “Endless Discovery”, making Thailand the sixth largest nationality of visitors to Japan, and that number is growing this year.

Interestingly, Thai travellers are not just picking a destination, but timing the perfect moment to immerse themselves in a country’s local beauty. The upcoming Cherry Blossom season (March – May) is one of the year’s highlights and has helped to make Japan a firm favourite and one of the most popular global outbound destinations for Thai travelers today.

With the rise of the “experience economy”, Thai travellers are seeking authentic and local activities that goes beyond the usual sightseeing. Off-the-beaten path neighbourhoods and Airbnb Experiences are proving popular with bookings from Thailand, USA, Australia, Singapore, China, UK, Canada, Malaysia and Philippines.

Hot on the lips of travelers-in-the-know is Tokyo’s Yanaka neighborhood which offers travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in authentic Japanese culture, where traditional ways of life are still part of the neighborhood’s daily routine. Through this, Thai travellers are also supporting local, healthy tourism, helping diversify their spendings to smaller, local businesses.

The area is known for Japanese sweets, tea and artisanal shops where craftsmen and shop owners take pride in making accoutrements for Kabuki actors and geishas who used to wander the neighborhood’s narrow alleyways. Springtime sees Yanaka Cemetery bursting with expansive cherry blossom trees, an alternative yet beautiful way to see these blooms in full force.

Explore Yanaka and Kuramae town, a.k.a. the “Brooklyn of Tokyo,” while riding on “tokyobike”.

Explore the old and new sides of Tokyo on a bike as you cycle past small artisan workshops still in operation and factories that now house coffee shops and a chocolate factory.

See Yanaka from the eyes of a local while you stroll through a shopping street, looking at kitchen knives and sampling sweets like karinto and manju from traditional Japanese shops.

Get lost in narrow labyrinthian streets, arrive at an old wall made of tiles and make a final stop at Yanaka Cemetery for a prime cherry blossom viewing opportunity.

Learn about the history of wagashi (Japanese sweets) from the owner of a renowned wagashi shop.

Complete the Experience with organic Japanese tea.

Escape the thousands of crowds by participating in these unique sakura-themed Experiences and discover unique elements of Japanese culture.

Enjoy a scenic view of cherry blossoms in your private kayak and watch the world go by with
Cherry blossom kayaking.

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