In and around Buenos Aires

In and around Buenos Aires

In and around Buenos Aires

Ted Travels: In and around Buenos Aires

Last week I gave you some ideas for those clients with a day for themselves around Buenos Aires, but in this city, with over 3 million people, there is way much more to do and see!

We left off in San Telmo, where clients spending a Sunday can wander around the colourful street fair. Here they will find all kinds of antiques, artwork, souvenirs along the sidewalk in Avenida de la Defensa. Another place for some shopping and exploring is Palermo, where up-and-coming designers will showcase their artwork in Plaza Serrano. After exploring the market, clients can relax and see the world go by while sipping a delicious beer at this plaza, many bars are around so clients can choose where to have their cold Quilmes beer.

But Argentina offers lot more experiences that are worthy of, ehy not book your clients for a Polo match? Between September to November matches are available at the Campo Argentino de Polo, otherwise there are horse races at the Palermo Hippodrome.

There are so many things to do also outside of the city, we can suggest a day trip to visit the Tigre Delta. Among the worlds largest deltas in the world, this one does not empty into the sea, instead it flows into the Rio de la Plata, which separates Argentina from Uruguay. Any day is good to go for a lazy boat ride with a sunny afternoon, however, Sundays is the best time to see the large market of crafts, foods, and handcrafted furniture at Puerto de Frutos. In addition to the colourful markets, clients can kayak or get a boat tour, and for the less adventures there are a few museums around.

Two great day tour options on any day can be a visit the Pampas, the plains outside of the city, to a local ranch or “estancias” where authentic gauchos will show off their skills at Asados and horseback riding. Or we can get your clients to cross Rio de la Plata towards Uruguay and spend the day wandering round in Colonia Sacramento. There are all sorts of daily excursions in and around Buenos Aires, we recommend clients should stay more than 4 days in this metropolis to explore and enjoy as much wine, empandas and tango.

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