AirAsia invests in new airline management system is foreseen to improve AirAsia’s operational efficiency

Guests of AirAsia can now expect even better customer service as the world’s best low-cost airline has invested over a million USD in a cutting-edge airline management system that vastly improves AirAsia’s operational efficiency.

The system,, optimizes AirAsia’s aircraft and crew utilization, making it possible for the airline to further improve its on-time performance and minimize costs, among others.

“AirAsia is committed to service excellence.  We have chosen this state-of-the-art operational tool in our quest to offer our guests the best travelling experience.  With the new system in place, AirAsia will be able to boost the on-time performance of our flights and maximize the use of our aircraft to serve more routes and increase frequency.  We’re looking forward to substantial cost savings, which we can pass on to our guests in the form of low fares,” said Bo Lingam, chief operating officer of AirAsia.

The system will be used by the entire AirAsia Group throughout the region and by its sister company, AirAsia X.  The system will commence rollout in November, with the full implementation of the system expected to be completed by mid 2012."

“ more smartly forecasts, organizes, predicts, measures and reports on daily aircraft and crew utilization.  It also allows the airline to achieve regulatory compliance by ensuring that crew fly within their hour limits.  In simple terms, it touches every aspect of airline management.   It has an ‘always-on’ cloud reliability which, coupled with cost savings over traditional models, appeals to major airlines, like AirAsia,” said Mark McCaughan, CEO of New Zealand-based Merlot.

AirAsia’s on-time performance for the year to date is 80%.  The airline seeks to improve its performance, given its expansion and the planned increase in routes and flight frequencies.

Source = AirAsia
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