Real Crab in Real Style Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Launches Hairy Crab Season at the Home of Hairy Crabs

  Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Crab Launch
  Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Crab Launch
  Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Crab Launch
  Hairy Crab Flyer

Fairmont Yangcheng Lake celebrates the world-famous seasonal delicacy with a First-Catch, Hairy Crab Feast and Fireworks on the banks of Yangcheng Lake Hong Kong, September 14th, 2011 – To celebrate the return of one of China’s bestloved seasonal delicacies, and confirm Fairmont’s place as the premium destination to enjoy Hairy Crabs at the source, Fairmont Yangcheng Lake will host the first catch hairy crab ceremony, 2011 on September 28th, 2011.

The autumn Hairy Crab season also coincides with the second anniversary of Fairmont Yangcheng Lake, Kunshan’s first international five-star luxury hotel. Conveniently placed between Shanghai and Suzhou, the stunning fan-shaped resort has introduced an idyllic destination of pristine waters and striking natural scenery to luxury business and leisure travelers. Located right on the shores of Yangcheng Lake, it has also quickly established itself as the destination for local and international gourmands wanting to savour China’s most prized hairy crabs and other excellent lake specialities.

The delicious Hairy Crab (da zha xie), so known for its hirsute claws, has a short season from September to December.

Though typically weighing just 180-250 grams, Hairy Crabs are cherished across Asia for their delicate, succulent meat and bright orange roe.

The most prized Hairy Crabs in the world come from the deep, cold waters of Yangcheng Lake. Hairy Crabs served at Fairmont Yangcheng Lake are specially selected to ensure they are the lake’s finest specimens – juicy, tender and weighing at least 250 grams each. They are farmed according to responsible practices to ensure the population remains strong, as part of Fairmont’s ongoing green initiatives in the area.

The inaugural Hairy Crab Season Opening Ceremony and First Feast is set to become an annual tradition at Yangcheng Lake when the crabs reach maturation. Fairmont Yangcheng Lake will launch the first catch hairy crab ceremony, 2011 and dinner which will use the same theme as last year – ‘first catch’ aboard a local fishing boat. Witnessed by the guests, the very first hairy crabs of Yangcheng Lake are picked up by the chef and be sent to Yi Feng Court at Fairmont Yangcheng Lake, which is Kunshan’s finest Chinese restaurant .The grand finale was a crab connoisseur feast and cocktails at the restaurant.

For guests wanting to experience Yangcheng Lake’s five-star delights and famous Hairy Crabs for themselves, Fairmont Yangcheng Lake is currently offering an unbeatable ‘Real Crab in Real Style’ package, available from September until December.

Source = Fairmont Yangcheng Lake
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