A Sparkling Diamond—Etihad Airways EY455 Sydney to Abu Dhabi Diamond First Class

Diamond First Class emblem
Etihad cabin crew
Etihad’s Diamond First Class seat

Carrier: Etihad Airways

Flight Number: EY 455 departing SYD @ 21:50

Duration: 14:50

Class: Diamond First Class

Configuration: Airbus A340-600

Check-in experience:
One of the nice perks of flying Pearl Class or Diamond Class with Etihad is the complimentary transfer provided by the airline on arrival and departure at Sydney Airport. Exhibiting a friendly efficiency that set the tone for the entire experience, check-in staff at SYD were extremely attentive in their work, smiling all the while and engaging travellers in relaxing conversation.

As are Pearl Class passengers, Etihad’s passengers in Diamond Class departing Sydney are accorded access to Air New Zealand’s lounge close to the departure gate.

On-time performance: The flight left on time and arrived on time.

Seat/Cabin conditions:
Individual compartments recall the grandeur of European rail travel at its height, modernised on board this Airbus 340-600 to meet today’s need for speed and comfort aloft. Spacious seats are only the beginning to the Diamond Class experience in flight. The aircraft’s 1-2-1 configuration permits travel in splendid isolation for those who want to enjoy the experience without distraction; privacy doors and screens further reiterate the discreet ambience in the cabin, which has a total of 12 seats. Each seat has a control panel to adjust its position as well as lighting and other aspects of the personal space of the seat area.

Food And Beverage:
Etihad is famous for its onboard chefs, all of whom have backgrounds in five-star hotels, restaurants, and other refined establishments around the world. As in the best restaurants, Etihad’s chefs are the masters of their universe; they supervise all aspects of the Diamond Class experience to ensure passengers are completely satisfied. An extensive menu includes a variety of options at every stage of the meal, plus enticing choices for snacks at any time during the flight. As would be expected on an airline based in the Gulf, the array of Middle Eastern specialities is particularly impressive and delicious.

Despite a full cabin, the jovial cabin crew maintained a relaxed air belying their dedicated efforts in running a tight (air)ship.

Etihad’s 23-inch viewing screen offers a diversity of options, including films, television shows, documentaries, and informational programs. Controls are simple to operate.

The flight arrived in Abu Dhabi on time.


Travelling in Etihad’s Diamond Class is, not surprisingly, one of the most pleasant flying experiences short of a private jet all to yourself. It’s First Class on the national airline of the United Arab Emirates-what more need be said? Naturally, expectations run high and, happily for Etihad’s passengers at the front of the plane, the reality runs even higher.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.L.B
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