Discover tasty summer treasures at kitchen


Get the hunting tools ready for the ultimate summer spree at W Hong Kong

Fun and beaches make summer spectacular, W Hong Kong is going to merge these two and take guests on a gastronomic expedition at KITCHEN, searching for the tastiest seafood and treasure to the stars of summer, children.

First off, guests are invited to find the wonders of fresh seafood in the enchanted world at KITCHEN. Imagine Boston Lobsters, scallops, crayfish and many more delicious treats all within their reach. 3 types of live oysters served fresh from the deep daily. The juicy flavor of brown and snow crab legs tantalizing the taste buds. If this is not enough, top the voyage off with unlimited signature mocktails only at HK$110.

The revelry does not stop here. Summer is after all the best time for children. So, parents can bring their beloved princesses or princes to KITCHEN and reward them with scrumptious lunches for free. Be it sweets, desserts, sushi, salmon, salad, this modern bistro is set to satisfy their needs. Together with its whimsical designs and toys hidden in every nook and cranny, an exciting journey is guaranteed for the young adventurers.

This summer at KITCHEN will be hot, satisfying and most importantly, fun.

Source = Kitchen
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