Pavillon de Madame: Your Private Apartment In Paris


  a serene sanctuary in an exciting city
  design details for a gracious entrance
  one of two grand salons at Pavillon de Madame
  Place des Vosges as seen from Pavillon de Madame.

Accommodation Fantasy In The City Of Light

The city of Paris has no shortage of fine hotels where the sky’s the limit on luxury, services, and price. Even so, some people may prefer a different type of accommodation to experience Paris more as a privileged local than a foreign tourist. Located on chic Place des Vosges, the most expensive piece of real estate in Paris, Pavillon de Madame offers travellers the rare opportunity to experience Paris from the privileged existence of a private apartment offering superbly stylish surroundings while being only steps away from the city’s hippest restaurants, bars, and boutiques for which the Marais District is justly famous.

Pavillon de Madame is a three-bedroom apartment whose Australian owners’ impeccable taste was guided by Frenchman Jacques Grange, a legend in interior decoration, in the creation of the apartment. The result is a stunning pied-à-terre offering spacious accommodation for families or friends who would ordinarily require more than one hotel room for their stay in Paris. At Pavillon de Madame, there is certainly room to stretch out as the lovely Place des Vosges stretches out its green space just out the many windows of this noble residence. The three bedrooms provide comfortable sleeping areas where the high style is surpassed only by the enormous living rooms. Yes, there are two, each with its own character. Three bathrooms, a full-sized kitchen, and a library corridor also await those who can take their eyes of the historic ceiling of the oversized entrance hall. The uniqueness of the Pavillon cannot be overemphasised; as has been confirmed by the few Parisian residents aware of its existence, Pavillon de Madame knows no peer in the city. A huge apartment straight off the pages of a home design magazine available for short-term stays? Nothing else in the city that compares to the Pavillon for luxury and privacy in the best location.

Just because the apartment is not a hotel does not mean it is without personalised services. On the contrary, guests at Pavillon de Madame can expect the level of service that best suits their preferences. From simple housekeeping to attention all day long, service can be arranged as required. That kitchen? No washing dishes here; after the private chef finishes preparing a delicious dinner, the staff take care of the rest.

If you need a few minutes’ break and want to see something beautiful while calling it work, take a look at Pavillon de Madame’s website to know the true meaning of luxury accommodation in Paris.

Pavillon de Madame
Place des Vosges
75003 Paris

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