May Pendraat Named Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Marco Polo Hotels

Marco Polo Hotels is pleased to appoint Ms May Pendraat as Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Marco Polo Hotels, effective July 23, 2012.

May Pendraat was previously Area Director of Marketing for the three Marco Polo hotels in Hong Kong, namely Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, Gateway Hotel and Prince Hotel. She was responsible for the overall strategic direction and implementation of marketing and communication efforts to support business growth and profitability for the three Hong Kong properties. Prior to joining Marco Polo in 2009, she has worked for the Hyatt International Group for two decades in key positions at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Hyatt Regency Perth and Park Hyatt Shanghai. Ms Pendraat holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel Management from Florida International University, Miami, Florida.
In her new role as VP, Sales and Marketing of the Marco Polo group, she will lead and oversee innovative sales and marketing programmes for the current portfolio of 13 hotel properties including consolidating effective sales and marketing strategic plans, communications and distribution initiatives.  

“I am pleased to promote May Pendraat as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Marco Polo Hotels. Ms Pendraat has effectively implemented sales and marketing initiatives and strategies which have contributed to the positive growth and performance of the Marco Polo Hotels. I firmly believe that she will be spearheading a transformative marketing vision which will reinforce and coincide with the future growth of the Marco Polo brand as a global player in the hospitality industry.” said Mr. Eric Waldburger, President of Marco Polo Hotels.

Marco Polo Hotels has a portfolio of 13 properties in Asia including:
Hong Kong                  Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel
Hong Kong                  Gateway
Hong Kong                  Prince

Beijing                         Marco Polo Parkside
Foshan                        Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi
Jinjiang                        Marco Polo
Suzhou                        Marco Polo
Shenzhen                    Marco Polo
Wuhan                        Marco Polo
Xiamen                        Marco Polo

Davao                         Marco Polo
Cebu                           Marco Polo Plaza

Phuket                         Panwa Beach Resort
Marco Polo Hotels is currently developing international 5-star hotels in:

Changsha                   Marco Polo (2016)
Changzhou                 Marco Polo (2013)
Chengdu                     Marco Polo (2014)
Chongqing                  Marco Polo (2015)
Guiyang                       Marco Polo (2014)
Suzhou CBD               Marco Polo (2017)
Wuxi                            Marco Polo (2014)

Manila                         Marco Polo Ortigas (2014)

Source = Marco Polo Hotels
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