Aus economy: Asia tourism is the answer

Identifying Asia as a key market, “it is imperative that Australia puts the necessary emphasis and focus on the tourism industry”, as part of the nation’s economic growth strategy, according to Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) managing director Felicia Mariani.

Ms Mariani said it was important to recognise the contributions made by tourism and the services industry to Australia’s economy over the years.

“As our largest services export, contributing $35 billion to the economy, tourism is a key industry that can lead the growth in services exports to Asia and we must fully engage the opportunities in the region over the next decade,” Ms Mariani said.

“China has become our fastest growing tourism market and clearly there must be significant focus on the tourism sector and its growing capacity and attractiveness to Asia.”
Australia’s foreign affairs minister Bob Carr delivered the Prime Minister’s address to the Asia Society and the Economic Club in New York, recognising the value of tourism to the export economy.

“I am pleased to see reference to tourism in the Prime Minister’s speech and an acknowledgment that our industry has made a long-standing contribution to our economy and will continue to underpin the ebbs and flows of other, more transient opportunities,” Ms Mariani said.

“As the PM points out, we must use today’s success to drive tomorrow’s prosperity and that lies in offering a diverse range of export capacity.”

Earlier this year, US president Barrack Obama issued an executive order outlining an approach to better utilise tourism as a contributor to the American economy.

“The United States has clearly recognised the success of the tourism industry as a catalyst to kick starting their economy and they are already seeing significant gains,” Ms Mariani said.
“It is imperative that Australia also puts the necessary emphasis and focus on the tourism industry and other service sector industries in helping to maintain our prosperity and build an export base that is strong, multi-dimensional and sustainable.” 

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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