“It’s blue. It’s green. It’s love naturally” – Embrace Lantau from Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360 invites everyone to enjoy Hong Kong’s inaugural Lantau-themed “360 Lantau Carnival”. Today, Ms Stella Kwan, Head of Commerce and Marketing of Ngong Ping 360 and up-and-coming singer Sita Chan kicked off the carnival in Ngong Ping Village. Sita was serving as the “360 Lantau Carnival” ambassador and she sang the carnival theme song at the ceremony.

From 28 September to 30 November, for 2 months, Ngong Ping 360 will be holding Hong Kong’s inaugural Lantau-themed “360 Lantau Carnival”, particularly highlighting the unique Lantau-themed parade that will be roving through Ngong Ping Village. The troop of parade performers will be dressed in unique Lantau-themed costumes, specially designed by Hong Kong renowned costume designer Kenneth Leung, which represent the traditional food and special creatures of Lantau as well as the Danjia people. Parade performers will be dancing and performing to the theme song of “360 Lantau Carnival”, while parading through Ngong Ping Village.

“Lantau is home to many unique things, such as fiddler crabs with oversized claws, Chinese white dolphins that are so loved by Hong Kong, and endangered Romer’s tree frogs. As part of Lantau Island, we wish to highlight Lantau’s special offerings through this carnival, and invite guests to experience the local charms of Lantau starting with Ngong Ping 360,” Ms Stella Kwan, Head of Commerce and Marketing of Ngong Ping 360, said.

During the 2-month carnival, the Goddess of Nature will lead Prince Blue, Princess Green and a troop of vibrant performers in parade through Ngong Ping Village, while posing for photos and interacting with guests. Free-of-charge workshops will also be held every day. Guests will be offered a unique opportunity to learn the balloon twisting skills at the “Happy Balloon Workshop”, where they will be taught how to make Lantau-themed creatures such as shrimps and crabs. In addition, guests at Ngong Ping Village will be able to witness the pre-wedding events of the Tai O-themed annual “Fishing Village Wedding”, and take memorable photos alongside the Lantau-themed iconic decorations.

After visiting Ngong Ping Village, guests can relax and travel through Lantau by purchasing the “360 Sky-Land-Sea Day Pass”. Through this day pass, guests will be able to enjoy a Ngong Ping 360 round trip cable car journey, unlimited NLB bus rides on the New Lantao Bus, a boat excursion in Tai O and one Monkey’s Tale Theatre admission ticket.

The adventure starts instantly with the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, which offers spectacular views across the mountains, blue skies and emerald sea. From here, the New Lantao Bus can bring guests to the water village of Tai O, crowned the “Eastern Venice” which is jam-packed with local delicacies such as minced pork and shrimp wrap, charcoal-grilled squid and Chinese-style pizza. Guests can also take a small boat out to watch the Chinese white dolphins, enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Cheung Sha beach that stretches to the crocodile stone or rocky beaches at Tong Fuk; while also collect clams and barbeque at Pui O, cycle and fly kites at Mui Wo and explore historical buildings. With just a single “360 Sky-Land-Sea Day Pass”, guests can experience a 360° exploration of Lantau.

Source = Ngong Ping 360
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