JNTO divides and certifies tourist offices

Tourist information offices in Japan have been re-categorised. Image: JNTO

In order to make for a more inviting and welcoming experience, the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) and the Japan Tourism Agency has created a new certification program for tourist information offices throughout Japan.

The JNTO operates the Tourist Information Center (TIC) in Tokyo and supports tourist information offices operated by the private and public sectors across Japan.

The new certification program divides these offices into three categories based on functionality.

A three-year renewal program has also been introduced as part of the program to ensure ongoing quality control and improvement.

Category 1 tourist information offices provide local information in reference to the cities and prefectures where they are located, including surrounding areas.

Category 2 offices provide broad-based information on two or more prefectures and Category 3 offices provide information on the whole of Japan and will be open seven days per week.

In addition to the three categories, the certification program recognizes ‘partner facilities’ that may not be considered tourist offices, but are keen on courting foreign visitors and providing invaluable local information.

“Better tourist information results in more convenient and reliable services for foreign visitors,” the JNTO said in a statement.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T

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