Keeping warm in the Icehotel


Spend a night at minus seven degrees. Image: bjaglin on Flicker  

What do you get when you put a lake, international designers and the Swedes together? A unique and freezing experience that is the Icehotel.

Located in the northern Swedish town of Jukkasjaervi, stands the 65 room Icehotel five months of the year.

Borrowing (and five months later returning) 5000 tonnes of ice from the Torne river, builders erect the Icehotel for the twenty-third time this year, complete with 16 elaborately decorated suites, 49 standard rooms, a lobby, reception area, main hall and, of course, an ice bar.

Fit to host weddings and christenings, the Icehotel will be adding an ice chapel complete with an ice-sculpted altar, font and pews.

The hotel is also a place to catch the northern lights, a phenomenon that lights up the sky with brilliant colours on winter’s nights in Scandinavia.

Visitors can choose to stay in the designer decorated suites, or opt for the standard room with reindeer skins covered ice blocks.

At 2200 to 7000 kroner (approximately AUD320 to AUD1000) per night, guests are provided with thermal sleeping bags and a diploma at check out boasting of their survival in a minus seven degrees Celsius environment.

For those who like their toes, Icehotel also offers tours at 325 kroner (approximately AUD50) as well as a bar with drinks served in ice glasses.

The Icehotel will be open mid-December to mid-April.  
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: A.N
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