Bali to consider boozing ban


Indonesia’s popular tourist island could face an alcohol ban next year.

Bali, a popular destination for many Australian and international travellers, could see a bill passed that would ban the sale and consumption of alcohol, jailing offenders for up to two years.

Indonesia will consider ‘The Bill for a Ban on Alcoholic Drinks’, drafted by the United Development Party and listed on the national parliamentary legislative agenda for next year, The Age reported.

The ban, which would destroy the nightlife of the famous tourist haven, should be “applied nationwide within the territory of the unitary state of the republic of Indonesia”, the predominantly Islamic United Development Party said.

Under the rules of the ban, producers of alcoholic drinks would face up to 10 year’s imprisonment and AU$1 million in fines, while distributors would be liable to receive AU$520,000 in fines and five years in prison.

If caught consuming alcohol, tourists and locals could face up to two years in prison and a AU$20,800 fine.

The chairman of Bali’s Tourism Board said he would “flatly reject” any attempt to ban alcohol or jail drinkers.

Drinking is “part of the international world and we are here to attract tourists”, Mr Wijaya said.

Indonesia’s population is by and large Muslim and most people refrain from drinking, although it is widely available in nightclubs, bars and some cafes.

The United Development Party MP Ahmad Kurdi Moekri said the bill would “safeguard the nation’s morals.”

“We should not take the stance… that, since the bill was proposed by a party of certain religious background, that it might lead to turning the country into a religious-based state,” Mr Moekri said.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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