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Through Vintage Cocktail Nights every Thursday at WOOBAR

The feeling of danger and mischief always brings about thrills. At WOOBAR from January 17 every Thursday, guests will be taken back to the semi-legal 1920s and experience forbidden thrills through prohibited cocktails of the era with Top World Mixologist Tom Philips and W Hong Kong’s talented bartenders Joao Rodrigues and Joe Villanueva.

Inspired by Prohibition, a time when alcohol was against the law, bartenders had to cover up the cocktail taste of alcohol by mixing unique ingredients, which in turn created a series of innovative and tasty cocktails – Vintage Cocktails. This passion and innovation behind this era coincides with W Hong Kong’s fervor for a strong cocktail culture. Cocktail guru, Joseph Boroski, is specially hired by W Hotels Worldwide as the Director of Cocktail Culture to ensure not only the cocktails are of high standards, but also trendsetting in all hotels. Hence, having such keen involvement, the cocktails found in W Hong Kong’s WOOBAR are considered to be one-of-a-kind and guests can experience this unique culture first-hand in its upcoming launch of Vintage Cocktails, a brand-new series with 1920s concept. Imagine all bartenders dressed in vintage attire, cocktail lovers sipping drinks in antique glassware wrapped with newspapers, 1920s music designed by Artistic Director of W Hong Kong, Angus Wong, humming throughout the bar, a back-to-the-past sensory experience is guaranteed.

Award-winning mixologists and WOOBAR’s very own managers, Joao Rodrigues and Joe Villanueva, will put together a Vintage and Forgotten Classics cocktail list with unique touches of WOOBAR designed to conjure up memories of the century, such as the fresh berry Clover Club and refreshing the Last Word. Vesper, a secretive cocktail named after James Bond’s movie Casino Royale, will stimulate guests’ taste buds with its uplifting mix of lemon zest and ungava gin. The grapefruit-filled Asian Metador on the other hand adds a fruity flavor which further enhances the experience. All these will be available at HK$258+10% with free-flow vintage cocktails and standard drinks. 7 roaring culinary sets will even be available at HK$298+10%, with delicious Tapas included.

To celebrate the launch on January 17, winner of the fourth Global Diageo Reserve World Class bartender of the year – Tim Philips, will specially fly from Australia, to showcase his talent in mixology. He will also create 4 cocktails that can only be found in Vintage Cocktail Nights, bringing new flavors to the classic nights.

Source = W Hong Kong
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