Air Seychelles Airbus A330-200 aircraft to debut with enhanced livery

  Vallée de Mai’s new livery was created in Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies’ painting hall.
  A closer view of the aircraft’s new name, Vallée de Mai, and the message identifying its status as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site.

Air Seychelles emblazoned on the underbelly.

Air Seychelles has unveiled a new addition to its distinctive, brightly coloured livery with the delivery of its second Airbus A330-200 aircraft.

The Air Seychelles name now adorns the underbelly – for brand visibility from the ground while the aircraft is in flight.  

The aircraft is named in honour of Vallée de Mai, the Seychelles’ second UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, which is located on the island of Praslin and is home to the famous Coco de Mer, the world’s largest seed and symbol of the Seychelles.

On the new aircraft, the UNESCO status is included alongside the Vallée de Mai name, visible to passengers upon boarding.  

The aircraft is scheduled to take its first test flight in February and will join the fleet in March to launch Air Seychelles’ new international schedule, which includes new services to Hong Kong and increased frequencies to Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg and Mauritius.

Cramer Ball, Air Seychelles Chief Executive Officer, said: "Air Seychelles’ livery turns heads, both in the sky and on the ground, embodying the beauty of the islands and the liveliness of the culture. Our livery is based on the pristine ecosystem of the Seychelles and our support for a greener Seychelles. With these changes, our aircraft will be even more distinctive. 

“I’m particularly proud of the name given to the aircraft, as this year, Vallée the Mai observes its 30th year as a UNESCO World Heritage site. We are thrilled, as the national airline, to promote these symbols of the Seychelles’ environmental commitment.”

To see a timelapse video of the aircraft undergoing painting at Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies, visit Air Seychelles on YouTube:

Source = Air Seychelles
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