San Francisco tweets its way to the top


SF has long been a hotbed of social media activity. Image: California Living & Energy

Based on its number of followers on Twitter, San Francisco has been named the most popular city in the United States by NBC News.

The San Francisco Travel Association launched its Twitter feed in 2009 and has since been followed by nearly 100,000 tweeters worldwide.

Using the handle @onlyinsf, the City by the Bay ranked above New York City, Las Vegas, Miami and Philadelphia.

San Francisco Travel Association president and chief executive Joe D’Alessandro said the organization’s social media strategy was not based upon discounts and the accumulation of followers.

“We look to create and share content through social media that our audience is looking for and or is looking to experience,” he said.

“We want to give them enough things to fill up their bucket list, so they have their entire vacation mapped out before they even get to San Francisco.”

San Francisco has achieved similar success on Facebook, surpassing 500,000 ‘likes’ of ‘fans’ on its Facebook page “San Francisco – The Official Guide”.

With San Francisco home to Twitter, Craig’s List and Yelp, and with Facebook headquartered just down the road in Menlo Park, it should come as no surprise that the city has thrived across social media platforms.

“San Franciscans have always had a lot to share – ideas, stories, food, arts, culture,” Mr D’Alessandro said.

“It’s a natural place for social media to flourish.”

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.H
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