Customisation key in a segmented market


Travellers are breaking down into smaller niche groups. Image:

The Asia Pacific travel market is fragmenting and it’s time to customise offerings, a new study has revealed.

According to Amadeus’ latest report ‘Shaping the future of travel in Asia Pacific’, by 2030, the Asia Pacific travel market will break into an “ever-increasing” number of niches, ushering in the emergence of new travel segments including: female business travellers; small business travellers; and Generation Senior travellers.

In line with their new-found individualism, these travellers will also drive growth for self-managed travel, peeling more bookings away from traditional transactional channels.

“In order to retain the customers, we need to differentiate ourselves through offering customised services,” Air China general manager of information management Li Qiang said.

Another key theme shaping the future of Asia Pacific travel was how the adoption of newer technologies and infrastructure  will force changes in the way wholesalers and other providers interact with their customers.

Amadeus Asia Pacific president David Brett said understanding the future of travel behaviour will help provide a “roadmap” for the industry to shape itself.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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