Hokkaido Seafood Promotion at Shintaro


Japan’s second largest island is known the world over for its bounty of fresh fish and seafood. Some of its most famous delicacies include uni (sea urchin), kani (crab), ika (squid), ikura (salmon roe) and hotate (scallops). A popular activity enjoyed in Hokkaido is visiting the many fresh markets at breakfast time to sample the finest catch.

At Shintaro, our chefs have long visited the famed fish markets and are bringing the best of Japan’s tasty delicacies to Bangkok. From now until March 7th, Chef Sawada and his team have dreamed up a menu of Hokkaido seafood specialties to give you a taste of the island. Highlight dishes include Hotate Karayaki (Grilled Scallop with Garlic Butter Sauce and Lemon), Hokkai Sushi Moraiwase (Salmon, Flat Fish, Scallop, Spot Prawn, Salmon Roe, Herring Roe and Hanasaki Crab), Hokkaido Kaisen Seiromushi (Steamed Hokkaido Seafood, Vegetables in Bamboo Basket served with Butter Ponzu Sauce) and many other delicious dishes. Price starts from THB 750 to THB 3,950.

Come and discover these tantalising dishes, the next best thing to visiting the famed fresh markets of this renowned island.

Source = Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok
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