Hot air balloon crash in Cambodia injures tourists

  Fear of flying, cruising and now hot air ballooning? Image: commons.wikimedia

A hot air balloon crash in Cambodia has injured seven tourists, exactly a month after a hot air balloon plummeted to the ground, killing 19 people in Egypt.  

According to reports, the balloon was travelling at approximately 300 meters high over Siem Reap in north-western Cambodia, when a suspected squally wind caused issues, reported.

Two Russians were among the injured tourists as well as one Ukrainian passenger who is in a serious condition.

One of the tourists told media that “thanks to the pilot” the hot air balloon itself was not damaged, however, did note that despite the “traumatic” experience, organisers still demanded payment for the flight.

Meanwhile, last month’s crash in Egypt killed 19 travellers after the hot air balloon came into contact with an electricity cable.

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Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J.
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