Short breaks popular with Germans


  Domestic destinations triumph as Germans enjoy additional travel.  

Germans are taking more than one main annual holiday, enjoying extra short break trips to international and domestic destinations, according to new research.

The latest ADAC Reisemonitor survey reported that almost 50 percent of Germans plan a second trip besides their annual holiday, with half of those respondents planning an additional break of five days or longer.

Travelling domestically was most appealing for both main holidays averaging 14 days (37.1 percent) and extra breaks averaging less than eight days (41.3 percent).

Despite this, almost 10 percent of respondents were willing to take a long-haul journey for their second break.

The USA, Egypt and Asia ranked favourably as far-reach international favourites.

Austria, Italy and Spain were among the most popular destinations for Germans travelling abroad.

The peak periods Germans took additional trips were April/May and September/October.

“Short breaks are gaining in popularity,” Messe Berlin director of travel & logistics Dr Martin Buck said.

“Instead of taking a single annual holiday people are increasingly going on a several trips… how often people take short breaks is dictated by fluctuations in the economy.

“Despite this, the prospects for a stable market for short breaks are good.”

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T.
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