Czech Airlines Offers New Service – Check-in By Mobile Telephone

After more than a month of live testing, Czech Airlines is launching check-in via mobile. The new service is available to passengers traveling from more than 20 departure airports, including the airline’s home airport in Prague, with more to be added in the course of this year and next. Czech Airlines’ mobile check-in is available on smartphones with an Internet connection. The service is available in Czech, English, Russian and French.

Czech Airlines’ passengers using the airline’s scheduled flights from Prague, as well as from Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Košice, Munich, Nice, Odessa, Paris, Rome, Soul, Stockholm and Strasburg, can now check in for their flights comfortably and quickly via their mobile telephones. By the end of the week, the list of departure airports at which mobile check-in is available will expand to include Amsterdam, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Warsaw and Zurich. Mobile check-in is the fourth mode of check-in offered by Czech Airlines, in addition to standard check-in at check-in counters, at self-serve check-in kiosks, and on the Internet.

We were able to introduce the new mobile check-in service thanks to the harmonisation of our airline and check-in systems that gradually took place last December and this March. Mobile check-in is the first of several technological innovations that Czech Airlines is working on in association with its partners this year. We are planning, for example, a new version of the Manage My Bookings application, where passengers can manage the tickets that they have booked or purchased themselves, and a special service that will provide clients with urgent updates via short text message and e-mail about any irregularities in operation, as well as other applications,” said Jiří Marek, Vice President of Czech Airlines for Sales and Marketing, adding: “We are striving to gradually strengthen our on-line services, not only on the Internet, but, above all, on smartphones and tablets.”

Four Options for Boarding Pass Delivery

Check-in via smartphone is available from 30 hours before the flight and closes 60 minutes prior to departure, and 90 minutes on long-haul flights. Once the check-in process is complete, clients can then choose from several ways of obtaining their boarding pass, depending on the type of mobile telephone that they have and the version of its operating system:

  • By saving it in the Passbook application – Only for iPhone users with the iOS6 operating system or higher; the boarding pass is in a format allowing for mobile check-in, and is also available off-line.
  • By text message – The passenger receives a link from which they can download the boarding pass to their telephone in a mobile-ready format. If their telephone supports HTML5, they can store their boarding pass locally in their phone and even use it off-line.
  • By e-mail – The boarding pass is sent to the passenger by e-mail in the same format as in the case of Internet check-in.
  • By collecting it in person at an airport check-in desk – At certain airports, e.g. in Odessa and in Seoul, mobile check-in is available, but the local airport does not yet support the boarding pass format for mobile check-in.

The Czech Airlines’ mobile telephone check-in system allows for repeated seat-selection changes, for entering the OK Plus frequent flyer programme number, for printing a boarding pass, and for cancelling the check-in process, for example, if the flight does not depart and the passenger needs to re-book for another date.

Czech Airlines’ mobile check-in is available on all smartphones that have an Internet connection, regardless of the operating system. This means that it works with iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, and other systems, and can be accessed at: No special application needs to be downloaded to the telephone. Nevertheless, a link to Czech Airlines’ mobile check-in application is included in the new version of the mobile application for iOS and Android systems.


Source = Czech Airlines
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