“Trans-structurity” by Thasnai Sethaseree at 338 OIDA Gallery, 7 June – 31 August 2013

338 OIDA Gallery recently celebrated the opening of the renowned artist Thasnai Sethaseree’s exhibition, “Trans-structurity”, to great success.  “Trans-structurity” is comprised of all new works, with the medium in this project varying, ranging from sculpture models, mobile sculptures, installation pieces, as well as two dimensional images, and light box pieces. The opening event was attended by a range of distinguished guests, socialites, superstars, art pioneers and aficionados.

In "Trans-structurity" the crucial questions raised in this project are central around debatable areas of the politics of fear and suppression in multiple perspectives in relation to the problem of increasingly dangerous risks that are represented and misrepresented by institutional agencies to our understanding of how realistic the politically fearful climate of paranoia and distrust is. Thasnai explores these questions in his own unique and provocative way.

Trans-structurity by Thasnai Sethaseree, will be at 338 OIDA Gallery, 7 June – 31 August 2013,1028/5 Pongamorn Building, 4th Floor, Rama 4 Rd., Bangkok
(30 meters to the right after exiting MRT Lumpini Station, Exit 1)

Gallery hours: Wednesday to Sunday 1.00. – 5.00 pm., or by appointment

Artist Thasnai Sethaseree (left) and
Petch Osathanugrah (right)
(Left-right) Chanat Phakkhaveroj, Upathum
Nisitsukcharoen, M.R. Sawasdiwut  Sawasdiwat
(left-right) Uthit Atimana, Paraiwa Raiwa, artist Tassanai Sethaseree,  Chanat Phakkhaveroj, and Rene Anant Feddersen,338 OIDA Gallery Director, at the recent opening of Thasnai’s exhibition, “Trans-structurity”, at 338 OIDA Gallery. (Left – right) Chongrux Chantaworasut  , Gridthiya Gaweewong , Petch Osathanugrah, 338 OIDA Gallery Director Rene Anant Feddersen, and Carsten Weidling


Source = 338 OIDA Gallery
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