New Earth Hour record with one week to go

Just six days out from the global lights-out event, Earth Hour 2011 has reached record participation, with 130 countries and territories registered to take part.

Nature’s Wonder Drugs

Every time you complete a task of any kind, your brain releases a small quantity of endorphins.

What Makes Your Agency So Different?

Given that there are thousands of agencies based in Australia and New Zealand that offer a similar travel products and services, what are you doing that makes your agency unique and doesn’t bore your...

Double Check Every Answer

          Double Check Every Answer   Clear Up Every Doubt A key skill of listening is to question for clarification. The fact is that the prospect often says something that is subject to misinterpre...

Keeping Yourself Positive

The most important thing you do for your success is to take control of the suggestive elements in your environment.

Make Every Minute Count

          Make Every Minute Count   Your mind is your most precious asset. You must be continually working to increase the quality of your thinking. One of the best ways is to turn driving time into ...

Napoleon’s Key To Victory

          Napoleon’s Key To Victory   The only real measure of business leadership is results. This requires the ability to act boldly with no guarantees of success. The greatest obstacle to overcome...

Never Assume!

A key skill of listening is to question for clarification.