EADS adds ZEHST to future aircraft

Airbus parent company EADS has announced that it is working on a high-speed commercial aircraft that will cut a trip between Tokyo and Paris down to two and a half hours, limiting environmental im...

Top 20 Hotels in UK and Ireland

World leading global accommodation website HotelClub, recently announced 20 winners from the UK and Ireland in the HotelClub Hotel Awards 2011.

Engineering strike looms for Qantas

Following two weeks of costly disruptions to services caused by the recent volcanic ash clouds, Qantas has received more bad news, with the carrier given notification by the Australian Licenced Aircr...

The Cultural Capital of Europe 2016

Once described as “the holy blossom of Europe, a beautiful gem among cities” has always been a bone of contention, changing hands many times throughout its long history.

US in-line to break traveller spending record

The US travel industry is eager to meet President Obama’s challenge to double the country’s exports over the next five years, boosting visitor expenditure up by 19 percent increase in April compared ...

Day Two – Discovering Disney Wonder

What a thrill it is not to set your alarm on a weekday. After being rocked to sleep and waking to the gorgeous mountains on the outskirts of Canada, being able to enjoy the ever changing view and se...

Sydney in top 20: report

Sydney has retained its status as Australia’s number one international meetings destination in the most recent report from the Union of International Association (UIA).

Virtual meetings won’t replace F2F: BCCK

As Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) launched its Virtual Meeting facilities, BCCK chief executive Paul D’Arcy was quick to point out that face to face meetings were still important.

Air China Awarded 4-Star Rating by SKYTRAX

During the recent air show in Paris, Air China was awarded the 4-star rating by SKYTRAX on June 22 after auditing 635 items under 17 categories of Air China's service.

Singapore deal to increase overseas visitors

Tourism Australia has signed a new agreement with Singapore Airlines to strengthen the second phase of its AUD44million marketing deal with Qantas to attract more international visitors.