Restaurant Akrame Hong Kong Earns Michelin Star Within a Year of Opening


Parisian Chef Akrame Benallal earns the coveted accolade of a Michelin star in Hong Kong with the introduction and delivery of artful and innovative French cuisine at his first restaurant in Asia, Restaurant Akrame.  This marks his debut in the 2015 Michelin Guide to Hong Kong & Macau.

“I am thrilled and honoured to earn my first Michelin star in Asia.  My passion has always been to introduce unique flavour pairings and sensations to my diners, which creates exciting food memories,” says Chef Akrame.

“Hong Kong is a dynamic city that is very invested in the culinary scene, so it means a lot to be recognized by diners and critics alike; and also to be in the company of talented, creative chefs.”

Reflecting Chef Akrame’s culinary mentorship under the likes of Pierre Gagnaire and Ferran Adrià, Restaurant Akrame Hong Kong introduces the city’s diners to innovative, stylish, and substantive French cuisine through set menus, which continuously evolve to guarantee the best seasonal ingredients.

Additional to celebrating the Michelin-star award, Restaurant Akrame Hong Kong also welcomes the arrival of Chef de Cuisine, Jon Irwin, this October.  The acclaimed Parisian-based British Chef, Jon Irwin, who has worked at Akrame Paris for two years, will bring unrivalled experience from the European culinary scene, earned from tenures at 3-star Michelin restaurant Pierre Gagnaire, and the revered Brown’s Hotel in London.

“I am delighted to be joining restaurant Akrame Hong Kong, and embarking on this new journey in Asia, with Chef Akrame.  I look forward to continue presenting Akrame’s unique and memorable food experience, which celebrates each and every ingredient,” says Chef Jon Irwin.

In honour of the special occasion of earning his first Michelin star in Asia, Chef Akrame has hand-picked several exquisite and prized ingredients to create a special menu showcasing his team’s talent and passion for food.

A lover of seafood, the French-born, Paris-bred, classically-trained Chef, ensures that his affinity for the ocean is highlighted this season.  Akrame sets the tone of the culinary experience to be had with the innovative Pumpkin and Sea Urchin Soup.  Creativelyconceptualized Oyster, Hazelnut Praline, and Lemon can be enjoyed alongside simple dishes such as Cockles with Wine or the elegant Raw Lobster with Celery Consomme and American Sauce.  A main of Sea Bream with Lard from Colonnata, Sauce with White Butter and Lemon, and Dried Hay celebrates the surf with a hearty dish, and is complimented by a rosy visual treat, courtesy of Pink Rice and Red Endives.

Chef Akrame also takes liberties in reinterpreting and reintroducing familiar poultry and meat through carefully crafted dishes combining everyday ingredients with unique ones. Poached Foie Gras is complemented with beetroot and licorice, while a classic Skirt of Beef is paired with a beef reduction and farced onion. Iberico Pluma with Jerusalem Artichoke, and Caramel with Old Style Mustardgives classic ingredients a refreshing twist.

The dessert trio are light and celebrate the season’s produce by incorporating a generous amount of fruits into each creation, such asRavioli of Almond and Strawberry, and Tonic Lemon.  While Black Chocolate in Tribute to Pierre Soulages pays salute to Soulages who is known as “the painter of black” because of his interest in the colour.

“Black is my favourite colour. It is profound, dense, intriguing, and full of potential. Everything springs forth from black, like in a painting by Soulages,” says Chef Akrame.

Opened in late 2013, restaurant Akrame Hong Kong is Chef Akrame Benallal’s first restaurant outside France.  Having gained valuable experience with world renowned culinary masters including Ferran Adrià and Pierre Gagnaire, Akrame Benallal opened his first restaurant, Restaurant Akrame in Paris in 2011 at the age of 30. It was awarded a Michelin star within the first year and received a second star in February 2014.

Source = Restaurant Akrame
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