60% of Singaporeans planning a fitness holiday for 2015

No longer content to simply lounge by the beach or spend their vacation away just shopping or eating, travellers today are increasingly looking for options that merge relaxation and fitness into one neat holiday package. This was according to a Hotels.com survey released today, which reported that 60% of Singaporeans are planning for a fitness holiday in the year ahead.
Katherine Cole, Regional Director at Hotels.com said, “Singaporeans are a bunch of savvy and seasoned travellers with a thirst for all things new, including trending holiday concepts. This, coupled with the growing public awareness of the health risks that come with leading a sedentary lifestyle, has contributed to the rise of fitness holidays amongst locals.”
In fact, more than one in three (37%) respondents have actually been on a fitness holiday before. Of these, almost a third (30%) admitted that their prime reason for doing so was ‘to relax and get away from the stresses of life’, followed by the desire  ‘to try a new workout or exercise’ (27%).
Interestingly, slightly over one in five (22%) respondents ranked the desire ‘to meet hot people for romantic interests’ amongst their top three reasons for going on a fitness holiday.
The findings also revealed that a vast majority (78%) of these early adopters found their fitness holidays useful in kick-starting a more active lifestyle, with a whopping 89% planning for another similar vacation this year.
More Singaporeans jumping on the fitness holiday bandwagon 
  • Top reasons deterring Singaporeans from going on a fitness holiday 
    1. Preference to relax on holidays rather than work out 
    2. Holiday companions are not keen on such activities 
    3. Too much effort is required to pack along their sporting gear 
For Singaporeans who have never been on a fitness holiday, their top three reasons for not doing so include the preference ‘to relax on holidays rather than work out’, the fact that their ‘holiday companions are not keen on such activities’, as well as how ‘too much effort is required to pack along (their) sporting gear’.
Yet, the fitness holiday trend is ostensibly catching on rapidly, with almost half (46%) of respondents planning to go on their first one within the next 12 months. An additional 28% also indicated their plans to do so in the foreseeable future.
Similar to those who have gone on a fitness holiday before, more than 41% noted that the top motivation for doing so is being able ‘to relax and get away from the stresses of life’. However, they also cited the desire ‘to shed some weight fast under the supervision of experts’ (25%), as well as the need ‘to put a stop to bad health habits’ (14%) as key factors of influence.
Most desired activities and destinations for fitness holidays 
  • Top activities for Singaporeans planning a fitness holiday 
    1. Land adventure sports (i.e. Bungee jumping, mountain biking, snowboarding, skydiving) 
    2. Water adventure sports (i.e. Cage-diving, diving, windsurfing, whitewater rafting) 
    3. Recreational sports (i.e. Golfing, hiking) 
    4. Spiritual and strength exercises (i.e. Pilates, yoga) 
    5. Competitive events (i.e. Marathon, triathlon, racing, and other sports tournaments) 
Despite the rapid rise of Pilates, yoga and competitive marathons as a fitness trend in Singapore, adventure sports appear to be the most sought after fitness holiday activity for locals. According to the survey, majority of respondents picked land and water adventure sports, such as bungee jumping, skydiving and scuba diving, as the activities they would most like to do on such trips.
In relation to duration, most fitness holidays tend to last between three days to a week (46%), or one to two weeks (32%) at the very most. While Singaporeans can evidently afford the time away, the findings showed that locals still tend to favour the region for such vacations – indicating that cost could potentially be a key factor for consideration.
When asked to indicate the furthest destination they are willing to travel to, 78% picked Asia Pacific as their top choice – 53% of which geared towards Southeast Asian countries. Europe was the third most popular option with 13% of votes.
“Fitness holidays are going mainstream and no longer reserved for fitness buffs alone. Travellers are increasingly seeing the benefits of a well-balanced lifestyle and how it leads to a better quality of life – a realisation that is also gradually rolling over to holiday choices,” said Cole. “Moreover, going away on a wellness trip also allows Singaporeans to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, and more importantly make use of the time away to recharge their batteries.”


Source = Hotels.com
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