Regal Hongkong Hotel Presents The Contemporary Taste of Tuscany at Alto 88


Simple yet wonderful, dishes from Tuscany are being contemporarily demonstrated at Alto 88 of Regal Hongkong Hotel from 9 March to 29 April 2015, with breathtaking harbour views, which will amaze diners, who appreciate and enjoy top-notch Italian food, with a premium Italian culinary experience. 

Tuscany, located in central Italy, which was regarded as birthplace of Renaissance, is famous for its long history of culinary culture.  Food from Tuscany is renowned for its simplicity in which to bring out each ingredient’s unique flavour.  Their traditional dishes made with genuine, natural ingredients in the simplest way for enjoyment.

Fresh ingredients like vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, etc. are commonly used in Tuscany delicacies.  Executive Italian Chef of Alto 88 has particularly designed a 5-course set menu for guests to taste this simple spell of Tuscany on top of Causeway Bay with stunning views. 

To start off with something fresh, Chef presents Chef Interpretation of a Classic Bread and Tomato Soup in Solid Form, making use of the freshest tomato from Italy, cooking in Chef’s style, giving guests a good beginning of the evening.  After the Traditional Seafood Soup with a Mix of Rock Fish and Coelenterates, it will be the Chef highly recommended Home-made Pappardelle with Italian Wild Boar Ragout.  Tuscany is well-known for its rich game, especially wild boar, to prepare with pappardelle dishes; Chef is putting this dish into the menu to bring the authentic side of Tuscany.  Pappardelle, as a type of large, broad and flat pasta noodles, is easily to have different kinds of ragout sauce being carried on it; with the strong and appetizing wild boar ragout, it maintains a perfect balance. 

There will be a choice between North Atlantic Cod with Murex Snail, Colonnata Lard and Wild Fennel Sauce and Historical Florentine Black Pepper Flavoured Beef Stew for the main course.  Picking Cod from North Atlantic, with slight seasoning to keep its primary taste, Chef sears the cod a little bit try not to make it overcooked, matching with the Colonnata lard on top of the cod, which brings a tempting contemporary flavour of the dish.  Last but not least, Dome of Ricotta Cheest Parfait with Dark Chocolate will be a perfect end for the Italian dinner. 

Perched on 31/F with breathtaking harbour and park view beyond, designing with a hint of purple with white colour based, together with grand European decoration, diners of Alto 88 can surely enjoy a stunning sea view in the afternoon and romantic atmosphere in the evening. 

Source = Regal Hongkong Hotel
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