No cruising for the 5th day in Halong Bay


No cruising for the 5th day in Halong Bay

Local government continues the ban all cruising activities in the bay from the 25th July 2015. The ban left thousands of tourists unable to cruise or visit Halong Bay as part of their travel itinerary. The floods and torrential rain are unprecedented since 1986, according to the Halong local government.

All of our boats and staff are safe and sound, and are now at our docks at Tuan Chau Island, 30 km away from the flooded area.” informed Mr Andrej Stein, Director of Operations of Bhaya Cruises, Halong Bay’s largest operator. “We are joining hands with local boat operators to send support and help to people in affected areas. Working in Halong Bay for more than 2 years, I have not seen any cancellation of cruises before,  because of rain like this. The cancellations have affected almost 1,000 passengers. Our local delivery supplies are being interrupted by the flood but we hope to resume our normal cruising by the 2nd August.”

At the same time, the weather in Hanoi remains clear and dry. Most agents are working hard to offer alternative solutions for clients affected by the changes. Sapa, Ninh Binh and Central Coast are other options until better weather returns to Halong Bay.

“We have around 150 Australian passengers affected by the weather situation in Halong Bay” said Ms Nhu, Directors of Operations of Hanoi based HG Travel in Vietnam. “We are arranging alternative day trips to Ninh Binh and around Hanoi and have even arranged flights to central beach resorts”

Source = Bhaya Cruises
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