On Location at The Venetian Macao: Beyond The Gaming Tables


Through this door lies a world of pleasure.
Portofino ends its meals as they begin—deliciously.
Not a villa in Portofino, just view from The Venetian Macao’s Portofino restaurant

Therapy For The Body And The Palate

All the activities available at The Venetian Macao can exhaust even the most energetic of visitors, and the hotel obliges by providing a superb spa to revive those weary bones.  Unlike everything else at The Venetian, where size is everything, the current spa is intimate in scale…for now.  V Spa’s current incarnation is an oasis of calm offering everything a spa should; as always, the staff make the deepest impression, and their friendly smiles and professional demeanour set the tone for the entire experience.  If all the spa’s therapists are as talented as Apol, every visitor will go home feeling destressed and refreshed.

I say ‘for now’ because the current facility, however pleasing, is the temporary home to V Spa, which will be subsumed by The Venetian Macao’s soon to be opened MaloClinicSPA facility and become part of Asia’ largest wellness treatment centre.  Right now, Macau is sorely lacking facilities of this type, but MaloClinicSPA will instantly propel it to the forefront of Asian spa and wellness destinations.  This will be the largest facility of its kind in the world and will offer a diversity of treatments far beyond the standard.  Cosmetic dentistry and oral rehabilitation are to be major features under the auspices of Dr. Paulo Malo, medical innovator and specialist in dental implants.  He will be among the 50+ doctors associated with the facility, along with more than a hundred wellness therapists recruited from every corner of the globe to work with the pharmacists, lab technicians, and other healthcare professionals.

There’s no nicer place to test your new teeth than The Venetian’s Italian restaurant, Portofino, where perfect Mediterranean meals are as blissful and restorative as a splendid Lavender Body Massage at V Spa.  With Italian chefs at the helm, Portofino makes full use of its spacious interior to present the most authentic cucina italiana this side of Venice.  From succulent wild mushrooms in a balsamic reduction to risotto with a touch of truffle oil and a tiramisu even tea drinkers would love, Portofino offers a fine array of tastes to supplement the stars of its show, the eclectic seafood dishes any grandmother from the old country would be proud to serve.

The outdoor terrace looks over the landscaped pools below, evoking a feel of a terrace at an Italian villa—not the easiest look to achieve without Lake Como as a backdrop.  Nevertheless, it is done with aplomb.  Oenophiles will enjoy a walk around the wine tower, which rises high with New World and Old World vintages to tempt the palate with a varietal of choice.

Viva Macau fly direct from Sydney, Jakarta, and Ho Chi Minh City to Macau International Airport, less than five minutes’ drive from The Venetian.
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