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Summit’s dashing Steven McArthur

Sydney Harbour Bridge as seen from Summit

A Lounge/Restaurant Turns Heads Above The City

Australians love their socialising and dining out, and Sydneysiders are among the most avid restaurant patrons in the country. At the top of the city’s dining options—literally—is Summit, perched atop Sydney’s Australia Square complex on George Street.

All 41-year-olds should look so good. Opened in 1968, Australia Square’s unique design still stands the test of time and looks as modern as the day it opened inside and out. The unique, circular office space and concentration of the building’s works in a central core. The lift are wedge-shaped to accommodate the curves. Alighting on the 47th floor brings visitors to he vast expanse of Summit and its sister lounge, Orbit, which flow seamlessly to maintain the openness of the space. Needless to say, the views are superb. Service at Summit and Orbit is very attentive; even the views are brought to the table thanks to the revolving floor. Yes, ever so smoothly, Summit and Orbit revolve around the top of Australia Square, but they are far from the tacky creations elsewhere in the world that have given "revolving restaurant" a questionable reputation for quality. The difference is that Summit and Orbit are great venues that would do well even on the ground; that they offer a special experience far above it is a welcome bonus, not to mention a great setting for corporate events and special private events—anything from a family reunion to the perfect place to propose.

It’s always a plus to know that a restaurant is owned by its chef. In this case, the multi-awarded Michael Moore is in charge. With an array of enticing flavours presented in unusual combinations, Moore more than meets the challenge of pleasing the demanding palates of Sydney’s four million food critics. The drinks at Orbit are just as varied, with a martini menu that dazzles the clientele who make Orbit a popular place to unwind another long day in the office. Some people even unwind before a long day in the office; Orbit has just expanded its hours, now opening its doors at 10:00 for a morning coffee or tea and a serving of view before the day begins to go along with its delectable morning treats like organic fruit and nut bread. Orbit scores points in the tea department by serving Mariage Frères blends imported from France. As anyone who has set foot in this jewel of a tea shop on rue du Bourg Tibourg, Mariage Frères tea is out of this world, so it comes as no surprise to find it served in Orbit.

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