Tigerair launches inaugural flight to Wuxi


tigerair a320Passengers travelling between Singapore and Wuxi can now enjoy the convenience of direct flights between the two cities, thanks to Tigerair.

The airline welcomed on board its first passengers to Wuxi on the inaugural flight to Wuxi yesterday afternoon. Tigerair is the sole carrier to operate non-stop flights between Singapore and Wuxi, with non-stop services every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

“Tigerair is happy to celebrate this new Singapore-Wuxi route with our valued customers today. With this new destination, we are glad to be able to connect more passengers to more second-tier cities in China and provide greater convenience for both business and leisure travellers,” Ho Yuen Sang, Tigerair’s COO, said in an event at the gatehold room at the launch of the flight yesterday.

As core cities of the Jiangsu Province and metropolitan area of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, Wuxi and Suzhou have robust infrastructure and promising investment opportunities which would interest Singapore and regional businesses.

Singapore is closely connected to the cities in terms of bilateral cooperation and investment projects. One example is the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, the first government-to-government bilateral project between China and Singapore, which has attracted corporate investors from Singapore and around the world.

Located just half an hour apart by bullet train, Wuxi and Suzhou’s scenic and cultural attractions promise a charming travel experience. In the spring, Turtle Head Island on Wuxi’s famous Taihu Lake will be abloom with a beautiful sea of pink and white cherry blossoms.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the world’s longest canal which runs through Wuxi, and Suzhou’s classical gardens will give visitors a peek into the grandeur of the cities’ past.

Wuxi also offers treats for discerning taste buds with one famous example being the Yangshan peach, known for its succulence and sweetness. This delicious fruit, which some say is the best peach on earth, is mainly produced for domestic consumption and thus rarely available outside the city.

In addition, hairy crab, renowned as a delicacy world-wide, can be found in the Taihu and Yangcheng Lakes of Wuxi and Suzhou respectively. Visitors may enjoy the creamy roe of these much sought-after crabs while admiring scenic views around the lakes. Other signature local dishes include whitebait omelette, Wuxi-style xiaolongbao (steamed buns) and sweet and sour mandarin fish.

Source = Tigerair
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