Unlocking travel insurance sales in Africa


Unlocking travel insurance sales in Africa

Unlocking travel insurance sales in Africa

Until recently, travel agents in Africa booking trips for their clients through Amadeus were faced with a limited travel insurance offer.  Knowing that travel insurance is a must-have requirement for visa obtainment in many countries, this was a real drawback for travel agency customers in Africa looking for a one-stop travel-shop and peace of mind.

Now, Hepstar, a market-leading global insurance aggregator based in Cape Town, has agreed to integrate their products into Amadeus Insurance Hosting. This means that travel agents booking through Amadeus channels will have numerous well-known insurance companies offering customised travel products at their fingertips.

Travel insurance is an integral part of Selling Platform which means Agents will be able to add an insurance policy to a flight booking in one fell swoop and never leave the booking flow. Trip and traveller details are automatically pre-populated so no data needs to be entered twice, which saves time and effort for the agent. Insurance bookings are fully integrated into the Passenger Name Record (PNR) and back office systems, allowing for easy reporting and after-sales servicing.  These bookings will also contribute towards segments, assisting agencies to meet their targets while simultaneously earning commission.

Claudia Snyman, Hepstar’s COO, says “We are extremely happy to partner with Amadeus. Our integration means that all of our insurance providers will gain exposure to a huge network of travel agents throughout the continent. This will be hugely beneficial for travel agents, for insurance providers and ultimately, for travellers in Africa.”

As Javier Pellon, Head of Travel Insurance, Cruise and Ferry states: “Our ambition is to constantly bring new value to the travel ecosystem. Ensuring that our customers have everything they need to offer the best service to their travellers brings us closer to this goal.  Agents will save time by booking all the elements of a trip within their existing booking flow and with only a few key strokes, so this is a win-win for everybody.”

Following a phased approach, Hepstar products will become bookable across South-Africa during Q3 2016. More markets will follow as the year unfolds.

About Hepstar 

Hepstar is a technology company which specialises in the distribution of travel insurance via third party websites. Hepstar aggregates insurance content from insurers across the globe to empower international airlines, travel technology companies and travel agencies to offer travel insurance products to all their travellers. With a smart recommendation engine, fully customisable mobile e-commerce channel, personalisation and optimal user experience, Hepstar optimizes conversion, leading to increased ancillary revenue for our travel partners.

Source = Hepstar
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