Shanghai’s Pudong Shangri-la Hotel: Ace Of Space


Two Enormous Ballrooms Provide Twice the MICE

Pudong Shangri-La is the best place in
town for views of The Bund

Renowned Shanghai hotel Pudong Shangri-La has been in business since 1998, when it was thought to be folly to build a hotel on the Pudong side of Shanghai’s Huangpu River, away from what was then the city’s business centre. That geographical foresight has given Pudong Shangri-La a prime location in what has grown to become the financial centre of China. The impressive views of The Bund across the river are a welcome bonus.

A Grand Tower Horizon Club Premier Bund View Room after evening turndown

As would be expected in the country’s commercial centre, much business is conducted at Pudong Shangri-La, where an abundance of well-designed meeting rooms and exhibition spaces are serviced by an adept staff who facilitate the success of business and social events held in the property. Pudong Shangri-La’s China Hall, the biggest ballroom in Shanghai, is a huge, pillarless space that can hold 1700 people. At nearly 1200 sqm, the Grand Ballroom is another enormous space, where elegant chandeliers glow from the high ceiling. The lobby area of the Grand Ballroom is itself expansive, as is the private terrace with fine views of the greenery of a riverside park and the historic buildings of The Bund beyond. Dimensions for Pudong Shangri-La’s function spaces can be seen here. A series of images includes the expansive China Hall set up in classroom style as well as a picture of the Grand Ballroom that gives an idea of the elegance offered by the biggest ballroom in Shanghai, while floorplans online help with the logistical side of MICE planning. Mindful that value for money plays the most important role in selecting a MICE venue, Pudong Shangri-La has created a Signature Events platform to maximise return on investment.

Pudong Shangri-La Grand Ballroom

Not all of Pudong Shangri-La’s sophistication is found in the building. In 2005, Pudong Shangri-La was the first hotel in Asia to purchase a Rolls-Royce Phantom for guest use. The Royal Blue Phantom is still a headturner five years later and remains a popular indulgence among Shangri-La guests, who hire the ultimate automobile for airport transfers, shopping trips around town, and special occasions like marriage proposals.


an exhibition corridor outside
the main room provides
additional space for MICE

When all the meetings, appointments, sessions, and keynote addresses are done, it’s time for attendees to have some fun and go shopping. Need it be said that Shanghai is a shopping capital of the world? And not just for Chinese-made items; every European luxury brand is here, sometimes in multiple locations. The IFC mall, one of the city’s most exclusive, is just across the street. Guests need not leave the hotel to go shopping; in fact, they need not even leave the room. In addition to a number of elegant shops within the hotel, Shangri-La has moved into retail with an experimental flagship Shangri-la Gifts shop opening in the lobby of Pudong Shangri-La, selling favourite items well known to Shangri-La guests such as the bedside clocks that self-illuminate when lifted, the exquisite tea sets in custom-made leather cases brought to each guest’s room on arrival, and the signature Shangri-La scent that perfumes every Shangri-La property in the world. These items are also presented on an in-house shopping channel so that guests can simply ring the hotel’s Service Centre to make a purchase. For adventures beyond the telephone, Pudong Shangri-La offers a personal shopping guide service for those who may be intimidated by the enormity of the Shanghai shopping scene or simply want better insight into a Shanghai shopping experience. The personal shopping guide service can be purchased packaged with a spa treatment at CHI and a food and beverage credit applied to any of the hotel’s wonderful restaurants.

The Horizon Club Lounge, where breakfast and evening happy hour take place in quiet surroundings, is one of Pudong Shangri-La’s nicest spots to regroup between meetings

Those restaurants are amazingly delicious. Shanghai is a demanding culinary city, so any fine restaurant has to offer something special in order to be successful here. At Pudong Shangri-La, the choices are bountiful; from the splendid variety of flavours at the extraordinary Yi Café to the elegance of famed restaurant Jade On 36, the hotel offers memorable dining experiences for every meal. One of the most unique can be had at Nadaman, Pudong Shangri-La’s Japanese restaurant serving the esteemed kaiseki ryori, a culinary style that balances taste, texture, appearance, and colour. This most regal of Japanese culinary styles is utilised in few places in Japan, let alone elsewhere; outside the country, true kaiseki ryori is found in Shangri-La Nadaman restaurants in select cities. Kaiseki ryori involves much more than the food; it is an artistic presentation of seasonal cuisine using the freshest of ingredients cooked in ways to enhance their original taste.

The intricacy of Nadaman’s
kaiseki ryori is apparent both in preparation and presentation



Each dish is simply seasoned and presented beautifully in a showcase of fine dinnerware-as is the food itself, each plate used to serve it is different in style. Naturally, the restaurant’s interior is not left to chance; the history of Zen culture is reflected in an artistic combination of marble, wood, and water features that together give Nadaman a timeless sense of serenity. Wouldn’t that be great for your next meeting?

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