Tiffin Presents Authentic Indian and Thai Curry Dishes

Indian Chef Singh and Thai Chef Mum collaborate to present authentic Indian and Thai curries in Tiffin from 4 January 2011 to 28 February 2011 during the dinner buffet.

Traditionally Indian curry is made by stirring yoghurt with powdered turmeric and common Indian spices like mustard seeds, cumin and garlic. Thai curry is mastered with addition of coconut milk, lime leaves, lemongrass and fish sauce, along with Thai basil, turmeric or chili peppers depending on the specific dish.

Chef Singh, originating from North India, has masterfully prepared all Indian dishes in the Hotel for the past 13 years. Chef Mum, second generation chef with over 18 years of Thai Cuisine experience and is highly acclaimed for her home-style Thai cuisine focusing on the harmony among the four cardinal flavours of sweet, sour, salty and spicy.

Indian curry highlights include Jheenga do Pyaza (Prawns Curry – succulent fresh prawn curry with onion and coriander leaf); Dal Makhani (Black Lentil Stew – Slow Cooked Black Lentil Tempered with Asafoetida); Kashmire Lamb Curry (Lamb Curry with Dry Apricot).

Spicy Beef Salad

Lamb Curry
Thai Curries
Thai curry dishes are Ganeng Kiew Warn Moo (Pork in Green Curry – Sliced Pork in Green Curry Coconut Milk and Sweet Basil); Tom Yam Goong (Spicy Prawn Soup with Lemongrass, Galanga and Kaffir Lime Leaf) and Tord Mun Pla (Fish Cake with Cucumber Sauce – Deep-fried Minced Fish Mackerel and Red Curry Paste and Long Bean). Different dishes will rotate on the dinner buffet menu.

Located at mezzanine floor of the hotel, Tiffin’s dinner buffet provides wide selection of gourmet appetizers, succulent main dish items including a carving and over 30 desserts. Live music and a breathtaking panoramic view of the skyline of Central enhance your dining experience.

Dinner is available every evening from 6:30pm to 10:00pm
Adults $538 / Children $269 (Subject to 10% service charge)

Indian Curries

Source = Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
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