Global Leader in Expedited Travel Visa Services Opens for Business in Singapore

CIBT Brings Global Expertise in Travel Document Procurement to Singapore

CIBT, the global visa and passport professionals, has expanded its global footprint by opening an office in Singapore to help international travelers secure travel visas. With the launch of its website,, the North American and European leader in travel document services will open its first office in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific market. CIBT is already the fastest and most trusted visa and passport service in the Western Hemisphere. The company’s experience securing travel documents for a diverse global client base makes its entry into the Asian market a significant next step.

“The opening of CIBT’s new office in Singapore is an important milestone for the company,” said CEO John Donoghue. “Singapore is an important and growing hub for international business travel in the region. We are looking forward to servicing many of our existing clients which include the world’s largest corporations and travel management companies in Singapore. CIBT offers a high level of service, speed and security that is unmatched in Singapore today.”
Many international destinations require Singaporean nationals to obtain a visa prior to entry, for both business and leisure travel. CIBT will provide service not only to Singaporean nationals but also to international residents of Singapore, including nationals of India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. The large ex-pat community of Americans and Europeans in Singapore will also benefit from having a CIBT office in the country. Singapore is a U.S. visa-waiver eligible country, which means that CIBT can assist Singapore citizens flying to the United States. CIBT can process applications for electronic authorization to enter the United States (known as an “ESTA”) through its website in a few minutes.

“We are extremely pleased to provide the Singapore market with the same high level of customer service and satisfaction that we offer in more than 30 cities around the world,” said Eric Muething, Managing Director of CIBT Singapore. “Travel visas are often a source of confusion and delays for many travelers. CIBT’s commitment to quality and service will ensure that travelers have access to a fast, accurate, and secure visa solution.”

In keeping with regional business practices, CIBT will provide high-touch solutions that combine technology, service and local intelligence. CIBT will manage all aspects of the visa process, from document collection and despatch to and from clients, to submission at the local issuing authorities, using its own staff.

CIBT’s Singapore office is located in the San Centre Building at 171 Chin Swee Road, Suite 03-09. CIBT Singapore’s website,, provides real-time travel document requirements for residents of Singapore.
Source = CIBT
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