A Californian Adventure indeed!

Mickey’s Fun Wheel is a highlight with spectacular views
Califonian Adventure Park is a hit with the Little Traveller
‘World of Color’ is spectacular

Let me commence this story by stating that the Disney Californian Adventure is in no way a lesser of the two theme parks in the Disneyland resort.

With the addition of exciting new attractions over the past few years and the now highlight night time attraction ‘World of Color’, Disneyland’s younger sibling is offering something new and exciting to all who visit.

The parks design is based on iconic features of California itself, with a miniature Fisherman’s Warf, a fun pier like you might find in Santa Monica, a Hollywood precinct and a wooded area that resembles Yosemite National Park.

Possibly the most amazing attraction that brings together all of these locations is
“Soarin’ over California” a three-tiered flight simulation that honestly gives the sensation of flying over the west coast.

In a crane lifted seating structure, you are boosted over a huge screen and within minutes literally soarin’ over California. The seats move with the oscillating camera as it glides over mountains, beaches, landmarks, iconic buildings and fields of orange groves. Naturally.

The park also houses the Disney films that were yet to find real representation in the Disneyland Park such as Aladdin and the Little Mermaid. Pixar releases Bug’s Life and Monster’s Inc also have found a home here.

It is in these areas that the little traveller had the most fun. Sure a good portion of the park would cater for teens and tweens (with the hair raising California Screamin’ Roller Coaster, the faulty elevator Hollywood Tower of Terror and the newly opened Goofy’s Sky School themed wild-mouse) however there is ample activities for the under ten years old … even the under five

The stage play of Aladdin is one of them. This 40-minute musical recreates many of the famous scenes of the classic animated Disney picture, with elaborate sets and vibrant costumes. The little traveller was taken aback as the main characters Aladdin and Jasmin flew high above our heads on a magic carpet. The Genie (clearly a stand-up comic) cracks topical jokes through out the show. This show is truly a must see.

The Disney Animation building is an educational exhibit for all ages to learn firsthand the secrets of how animators transfer their imagination to screen. The walls are garnered with original sketches and a great gift shop where you can purchase prints of your favourite characters. Watch the characters come to life with the incredible Zoetrope display. Or visit Ursula’s Grotto where you can become the voice of your favourite Disney Character.

Turtle Time with Crush, from Pixar’s Finding Nemo, amazed the little traveller. This interactive encounter allows you to ask the surfer turtle questions and he will answer them. He might even have a question for you.

I think it is fare to say that the Monsters Inc ride ‘Mike and Sulley to the rescue’ is the little travellers favourite ride. As you begin your journey through ‘Monstropolis’ in your taxi-cab, you follow along with the scenes from the movie. This ride brought so much excitement and many priceless expressions to the little ones face.

Incidentally Muppets in 3D located next to the monsters inc ride was hilarious and simply the best 3D display we have ever seen.

Now, be prepared to get wet if you ride the Grizzly Run white water rafting adventure. Having said that, it is perfect for a hot day but not really appropriate for the little travellers. Near to this however, the Red Wood Creek Challenge Trail, is like an updated version of Tom Sawyers Island that is guaranteed to wear children out and give everyone a good nights sleep.

A pleasant way to spend late afternoon is milling around the Paradise Pier. The boardwalk amusement centre contains rides, parlour games and snack booths. We won a Woody doll at the Ball Toss!

This is also the perfect time to ride Mickey’s Fun Wheel with the sun setting over Disneyland Resort.

We often try to link activities by theme or character for the little traveller, to create essentially a total experience. A theme within a theme park. By connecting rides and features you can completely immerse yourself in the characters and adventures of your favourite Disney story.

The Californian Adventure Park allows for this with the extensive Bugs Life and Little Mermaid attractions. With bit of forward planning you can create a Little Mermaid evening by visiting Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and the King Triton’s Carousel followed by dinner at Arial’s Grotto.

Note this dining option provides you with a fast pass for the incredibly popular ‘World of Color’ Display.

A fairly new night-time spectacular, ‘World of Color’, is a dancing water and light display choreographed to famous Disney scores with accompanying projection on a fanned screen of mist.

Californian Adventure Park is a more relaxing alternate to the buzzing Disneyland Park and is an ideal way to break up your days when visiting the Disney resort. Be sure to stop by the Blue-sky cellar look at what the ‘Imagineers’ as planning for the new ‘Cars’ exhibit with rides and feature to open soon.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: Suzy Psaltis
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