Celebrate the year of the dragon at the Langham, Hong Kong

The Langham, Hong Kong is celebrating the arrival of the year of the Dragon with special menus and festive puddings at its T’ang Court and L’Eclipse premium restaurants.

T’ang Court’s Chinese New Year menu

Tuck into a lavish menu full of beautifully prepared, traditional Chinese New Year dishes with your family and friends. Available from 23rd until 29th January, the many festive dishes and dim sum choices here will all be cooked to perfection by T’ang Court Executive Chef Siu Hin-chi himself.

Chinese New Year specialties

Chinese New Year dim sum (lunch only)

Double boiled dried oysters‚ pig’s tongue and sea moss

Steamed bamboo fungus roll with fish maw, abalone and Beche-de-Mer

Braised shark’s fin with crab meat and crab roe

Steamed dried oyster filled with shrimp paste and sea moss

Double boiled superior shark’s fin with Yunnan ham, Chinese cabbage in chicken broth

Baked pastry with shark’s fin‚ scallop and Yunnan ham

Stewed sliced abalone with seasonal vegetables

Pan-fried turnip cake

Pan-fried sliced spot garoupa with soya sauce

Golden-fried goose liver and egg fritters

Braised bamboo and mixed fungus


Scrambled egg white with crab meat, bird’s nest and topped with olive seed


Sautéed sliced lobster and scallops with red and yellow bell peppers


Braised dried oysters and sea moss with seasonal vegetables


Steamed shrimps with garlic


T’ang Court’s festive puddings

T’ang Court will also be preparing three delicious homemade puddings for 2012. The New Year, Turnip and Taro Pudding will all be hand-made with the finest ingredients by the restaurant’s Michelin-starred chef. Priced from HK$168 per box, each pudding makes an impressive gift for relatives and friends. Puddings and gift coupons are available from 2nd to 22nd January.

L’Eclipse will be welcoming Chinese New Year by launching a buffet from 23rd until 29th January. The six traditional festive highlights here will include steamed chicken with conpoy and vegetarian shark’ fin, braised pig trotter with Chinese greens, steamed halibut with Yunnam ham and golden garlic. All three dishes will be served in rotation during the restaurant’s celebratory lunch and dinner buffets.

For further details or reservations, please contact us at 2132 7898.

Source = The Langham
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