Costa reveals Concordia compensation

Passengers who have returned home from their ordeal on board the Costa Concordia almost two weeks ago are expected to receive up to 11,000 Euros per person in compensation, according to Costa Crociere.

Early yesterday, the cruise company unveiled the compensation proposal which includes 11,000 Euros per person to cover patrimonial and non-patrimonial damages, loss of baggage and person effects, psychological distress and loss of enjoyment.

Costa Crociere said the lump-sum payment of 11,000 Euro would be offered to all passengers including non-paying children and pledged not to deduct any amount paid by insurance policy stipulated by guests from this sum.

As well the cruise company has promised to reimburse passengers the value of the cruise, their air and bus transfers included in the cruise package, travel expenses to reach the port and return home as well as medical expenses and expenses on board the cruise.

Any good stored in cabins have also been promised a safe return where possible and the company has pledged to provide a psychological program for any guests requesting it.

“Costa Crociere would like to express its profound condolences to the families of the victims, our continued sympathy to the families of the missing, and our deep regret and sorrow  for  the  damages  and  hardship  the  Costa  Concordia  accident  caused  to  all  its guests,” a statement read,

Meanwhile families of the deceased and guests who were injured after the ship hit rocks and began to sink off the coast of Tuscany on 13 January will be covered under a separate proposal that will take into account individual circumstances.

The proposal unveiled this week was a result of negotiations between business and consumer associations and the National Council of Consumers and Users in Italy.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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