Jet Airways Sets Record Milestone With 500,000 Fans On Facebook

Jet Airways, India’s premier international airline, has emerged as the first Indian airline to add over five lakh fans on Facebook, arguably the largest and most influential social networking website in the world. The airline achieved this prestigious milestone in a short span just over two years of the launch of Jet Airways Facebook community on January 19, 2010, at Jet Airways’ presence on Facebook is aimed at providing guests with real-time news updates about flight schedules, new customer programs, route additions, services and special offers etc., besides providing them with an online forum to share their experiences and suggestions.

Jet Airways celebrated this unique milestone with the initiation of Facebook’s Timeline – an enhancement that will provide our guests with a more qualitative and interactive user experience. This new design provides for a complete transformation in the way brands communicate their social image through brand stories, milestones and marketing campaigns. It also enables guests to access past events, updates and activities with an easy to use interface. These initiatives are part of the airline’s strategy to actively reach out to a larger cross section of guests and engage with them on a real time basis through these social media platforms.

Commenting on achieving the unique milestone on Facebook Sudheer Raghavan, Chief Commercial Officer, Jet Airways said, “Our innovative marketing initiatives with strategic use of social media tools reflect our endeavour to deliver unique opportunities to our guests. Jet Airways has been a pioneer in the Indian aviation sector in terms of recognizing and harnessing the power of social media networks to listen, engage and respond to our guests. The journey towards reaching the 500,000 fan milestone has involved a great deal of research and analysis to ensure we understand and engage with our guests effectively. The introduction of initiatives like Jet Facts, Jet Polls, Flying Tips and Jetstinations has been well appreciated by our fans who find such information useful and engaging. Besides this, Facebook provides us with an opportunity to communicate real time with guests.”

Jet Airways also has a presence on the extremely popular LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with more than 90 million members. Similarly, Jet Airways became the first Indian operator, to have a presence on foursquare, a location-based mobile social networking application.

Source = Jet Airways
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