New Beijing hotel brand built around China Services

Catering to discerning travellers and the growing China market, Beijing Tourism Group (BTG) and GHM have unveiled plans to set up a new upscale resort that will be branded, Ahn Luh.

Announced this week with hopes to have the first hotel project, Ahn Luh Dujiangyan, set up in Chengu in the next two to three years, the brand will promote and practise ‘China Services’, according to BTG chairman Duan Qiang which includes old-world Chinese hospitality, contemporary elegance and value added products.

“The Ahn Luh Dujiangyan is a project where the historical and cultural elements feature prominently given that the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, along with Mount Qingcheng, are placed together on the UNESCO World Heritage List,” Ahn Luh group executive chairman Douglas Zhao said.

“We’re planning to build on the great architectural traditions that have evolved in China over the past three thousand years, but at the same time, we’re looking to exude the enthusiasm and the innovative spirit that abounds throughout China.”

Other future development for the brand include; hotels in Beijing, Pearl River Delta and Southwest China.

Each hotel is expected to market up to 50 to 100 rooms and villas as well hotel spas, a resident Tai Chi master and Tai Chi centre.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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