Skiers ditch woollies for winter willies and weenie bikinis



While most travellers prefer to rug up for a snow holiday there are the crazy few that prefer to ditch the winter woollies for a winter willy, and nude up on the slopes.

According to Kevin Casper, “anyone can take off clothes and climb on a surfboard in the summer sun, but it takes a particular type of thrill-seeker to take off their clothes and speed down a ski mountain in the crisp winter air,” he wrote on the lovetosknow website.

“More than just a show of toughness, naked skiing can be a sexy, exciting, and invigorating twist on a great sport,” Mr Casper continued.

Getting on board this crazy, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation hosted the Bikinis for Breast Cancer event, raising $38,000 for charity in May this year.

For those snow enthusiasts looking to give it a try, there are a few slopes around the world known for naked skiing.

Obertraun in Austria is considered the mecca of skiing in the nude, while the host of the Eenie Weenie bikini contest at Copper Mountain in Colorado is also a popular spot.

Also in Colorado, Crested Butte traditionally sees naked skiing on the last day of its season.

Other destinations include Squaw Valley in California and New Zealand’s Mt Cheeseman hosts the annual Undie 500 race every August.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.W
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